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Updated July 2007: Numerous follow-up posts are updated below. But, if you’re new to Online Press Release Distribution, start here:

Part I: Press Releases: Offline (News media) versus Online (Internet, Search Engine Optimization)

Part II: Want to Target Your Ideal Reader/Client? Use Online Press Releases.

Part III: Why Online Press Releases are better, faster and cheaper than running a Pay Per Click Campaign.

Where else can I submit my online press releases, beyong Here’s the internet’s (largest) Ultimate List of Online Press Release Distribution Centers (free and for a fee).

Finally, today is the day when Power Networker Ponn of and release our Free Gift that I promised was going to knock your socks off! An offer no women entrepreneur (or online entrepreneur) will *not* want to pass up! [If you haven’t been following the story, please start here (read the comments), here and here.]

After much deliberation, and figuring out a way to implement, track and follow-up the most willing, able and ready women entrepreneurs we needed to assure “Action” on your part!

After all, we’re not giving away a gift with a number pulled out of thin air.

There’s a minimum $10 donation to just to utilize their services, so we wanted to give You the Very Best Online Public Relations/Search Engine Optimization Entrepreneur’s Empowerment Gift possible:

A $200 free coupon for their top-of-line service. A Real USD ( U.S. Dollar) valued gift! [By the way, has *never* offered anything similar to this magnificent gift until today!] ($200 will cover the minimum $10 donation and much more!)

**But, hurry! There’s a minimum of 50 slots available per week. So, sign up Now!***

Remember: as women entrepreneurs, W.E. must empower ourselves to learn “how-to” do things through self-education, rather then just leave things to chance!

By participating in this offer, you will definitely learn a bit about Empowering yourself to grow with the booming field of Online Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization.


1. Subscribe to our free Empower Me Now Tips ezine, here.

2. Register for a free account to here,* and register for a “Free Webinar” (New User Orientation Webinar) once you are in your account. [On the left-hand side of “My Account” you’ll see Mario Bonilla, Platform Trainer, smiling at ya!]

* If you already have an account, hit “SIGN UP NOW”, and click on the upper-left-hand-tab <Home> to ‘login’ your ‘username’.

3. Once you receive your confirmation Webinar email, forward us a copy to prweb<at>empowerwomennow<dot>com

This free one-hour New User Orientation Webinar is offered once daily Monday – Friday. You will learn how to maximize your free top-of-the-line $200 press release.

I’ve been using for over 2 years, and I just attended the Webinar last month and learned SO much that I took 4-pages of notes about services I had never fully utilized!

At the end of the Webinar, Mario will share his contact information. At this time, you simply state ”” and/or email individually and he will email you your coupon code within 24-hours.

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To our continued success and empowerment,

Power Networker Ponn

P.S. If at the end of the Webinar, you still don’t feel comfortable writing your own press release or you’re just pressed for time, my virtual assistant and I have a special offer: For $250 we will write your press release, and distribute it to as well as a dozen other online press release distribution centers. More about our freelance writing services and virtual assistance packages click here.

P.P.S. Many thanks to Mario and Joel of for offering such a generous gift and believing in our mission “to empower women entrepreneurs (W.E.) so W.E. can reach our greatest potential”.

P.P.P.S. To see my press release click here and I got a podcast too.

P.P.P.P.S. Prior to contacting me for details, *please* (a) follow the above 3-Steps verbatim, (b) read the Disclosures below, (c) read this follow-up post for more clarifications, and (d) share or read the experiences of past “graduates” from the Webinar here.

Disclosure: This offer is NO LONGER AVAILABLE presently offered indefinitely, and is open to all online entrepreneurs (regardless of gender) who subscribe to “Empower Me Now Tips” eNewsletter during the qualification process and validation of your coupon code for a $200 credit to be applied to your account. There are no substitutes (cash, equivalents, etc.) to this gift offer. There are no fees associated with offer, except possible long-distance charges associated with your one-time phone call to participate in the Webinar. It is expected that you will use the gift press release within 30 days upon completing’s Webinar, but some exceptions may apply. We reserve the right to alter, edit, and adjust the rules at anytime.


  1. Admin says

    Thanks Andy for the gracious review of this incredible offer! Hope your readers follow your lead :-)
    All the best,

  2. says

    Thanks Ponn, I signed up too. I have often thought about doing a PR, but always put it in the too hard basket. Guess I have no excuse now :)

  3. Admin says

    Mario literally walks you step-by-step in the process Leigh.

    It’s such an empowering feeling to have so much leverage with their tools!

    Please share the news with your readers…the men are filling up the rooms! I’d love to have more women entrepreneurs taking advantage of this offer.

    BTW, please report back your thoughts and experiences, OKay!?

  4. says


    I just signed up as well. Linked to you from my blog, hopefully more people will take you up on this great offer. Talk about knocking the socks off!!! :)

  5. says

    I definitely will be Ponn :)

    At the moment I am trying to restructure the blog to fit all my WE stuff to expand my member base into new areas while not forgetting or boring my existing member base. Many of who are new to the internet, so have different interests.

  6. says

    Hey Andi,

    I followed your advice and joined. Thankx for the hint and thank you Ponn for such a great offer!

    I´m looking forward to learn tons of new things.

    Much power!
    Steli Efti

  7. Admin says

    Alex, Thanks so much for signing up and help spreading the word! So, it took you 10-mins. to fully register, huh? That’s good to know for others who are interested in the process.

    Vlad, Happy you’re on-board and helping spread the news too! You’re drawing good traffic and bookmarks for your notorious short & sweet (extremely informative) posts. Way to go! Thanks for your help.

    Leigh,, I totally understand the juggling-act! Stick around and hopefully I can help share tips to help you save time and some sanity in the process ;-)

    Steli, Andy is just a great promoter! Glad he led you my way! I promise to keep you learning ov’r here, and Mario of will simply impress you with all their great Online Public Relations(PR)/Search Engine Optimization(SEO) jazz! Stick ’round, so we can empower one another and spread more power in the world, K?

  8. says


    Glad to help. I think many marketers under estimate the power of PRWeb. It proved to me more benficial in many respects than any other promotions including PPC.

  9. Admin says

    Vlad, Not only do internet marketers (mostly bloggers) underestimate the power of PRWeb and Online Public Relations/PR and press releases is because the lack of awareness. That is 1 major reason for this campaign, is to show that everyone (even bloggers) have a story to publicize…but most importantly, the Power of (unlike any other online press release distribution center) is that they offer highly-affordable Search Engine Optimization tools/resources that lives on *forever* in archives, with trackback capabilities and its ability to capture a blog/website’s most ideal target market!

    I get a great amount of referrers from one press release! The key, again, is to be consistent and regular with submissions too.

    Within this post, I refer to blogposts regarding topics/headlines specific to bloggers and it can be done weekly (at the very least monthly) news!

    All the best, Ponn
    Again, thanks for your support.

  10. says

    I’m sorry I would have loved to have done this but I live in New Zealand and would have to get up at 2am to do the webinar, even the later one would still be 5am. I have an 8mth old baby who I am still breastfeeding and as much as I want to make a go of my website and see it become successful I’m just not willing to give up my precious sleep right now. Nevermind.

  11. Admin says

    Fenella, Thanks so much for sharing…For the 5 years straight that I was breastfeeding my 3 daughters, I never knew the difference between 2am, 5am, from 2pm and 5am :-D

    So, if this is your first and you’re keeping to a “normal” schedule I APPLAUD you my Dear Dark Chocoloate-Lover-Baker.

    BTW, do you have Skype?

    How would you ‘call in’ to They are in Pacific Time, so maybe I can recommend an evening course.

    Nonetheless, I’m so exciting our time-differences keeps you coming to my site ;-)

    Let me know, Okay!?
    Peace, Ponn

  12. Admin says

    I’m glad Kelly and her incredible blog SUP led you my way! Hope you’ll stick around and contribute to our booming community! W.E. (women entrepreneurs) need voices from women entrepreneurs who take action, such as yourself! Welcome :-)
    Peace, Ponn

  13. Admin says

    Hi Franck.


    First, I’m glad you found your way ov’r yonder…and I hope you stick ’round.

    Second, any support you can drum up for this exclusive offer–be my guest! The more the merrier, right :-)


  14. says


    Thanks for adding this info to my BLOG!! So I followed the steps and enrolled in a Webinar taking place today.

    Ok, I sent you an email about the time limit and it says 45 days above, so ignore my question in the email.

    Btw – how much does the PR service cost in addition to the $200 savings?

    Thanks for this great offer!!

  15. Admin says

    Andrea Glad you’re taking action so quickly and jumping in on this offer!

    First, the 45-days is a general time limit, but minor exceptions may apply. Just let me and/or Mario know your particular circumstances. offers 3 different packages at $80, $120 and $200. They offer alacrate services as add-on’s such as a podcast starting at $100 extra. Or if you want to be at the very top of the press release list, each day the prices changes. But, to get your Page 1 Yahoo and Google News press release distribution, $200 is the top-of-the-line service.

    Thanks for bringing the links to my attention. I put up the trackback links to my press release and podcast. I updated them, so now you can take a look and listen ;-)

    Let me know what you think, OKay!?

    Enjoy, Ponn

  16. says

    Just finished my webinar and scribbled down plenty of great tips on optimising my press releases. For anybody thinking of taking the jump into online PR than this webinar and free press release is a must!

  17. Admin says

    Thanks for sharing your experience and promoting this offer. It IS truly a “must”! :-)
    ~ Ponn

  18. Admin says

    “Scam” is such a strong word. My answer: NO!

    Please read ALL the instructions: you *must* attend the Webinar.

    I just checked our records and you are schedule for:

    Date and Time: May 7, 2007
    7:00 am , Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco).

    Upon, completion you will receive Mario’s contact information, and you must email him to receive your coupon code.

    Therefore, your “waiting” will continue throughout the weekend.

    You are half-way, your patience is greatly appreciated. ;-)

    To keep you preoccupied, please refer to the P.P.P.S. regarding gaining more information and clarification, as well as reading the testimonials for the “graduates” of the Webinar. The comments should make your wait a pleasant one, hopefully…

    I encourage you to reply in a less defensive and opinionated reply…after all, W.E. (women entrepreneurs) are committed to Empowering you to achieve your personal and business goals at

    And, with a high return rates and page views per visitor, W.E. would like you to contribute to our community, and not just come for a freebie.

    To our success & empowerment,

  19. Admin says


    No, this is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of gender!

    Please read the reviews of the Webinar graduates, they are all males…so far, and they are are my biggest fans and supporter of by sharing this great offer to their readership as well!

    Come on and join the empowerment :-)

    ~ Ponn

  20. Admin says

    Hi Paula
    So glad you found your way over here!

    You’re welcome–this offer is awesome, and I know it will not last forever, so I’m glad you jumped for it :-)

    Please help pass the word along, and stick around to “stay empowered” and help “empower us” too!

    ~ Ponn

  21. Ponn says

    So glad you found your way around here, and giving a shot! Nothin’ to loose, right!?
    Thanks for your kind words…it’s my pleasure to help!
    Peace, P

  22. Admin says

    Hi Alan
    I’m terribly sorry, but I ran a search for your name and email address, and cannot find any emails from you. While I don’t check that email box often, I know I attend to all requests in a timely fashion.

    Nonetheless, if you attended the Webinar already, Mario gives his email address for you to contact him directly for the coupon code, which is mario emediawirecom

    He should recall who you are, if not simply send him a copy of your webinar enrollment form.

    If you need anything else, please contact me via my above contact form which goes directly to me.

    I hope we can figure this out for you.
    ~ P

  23. says

    Thanks Ponn for PRweb’s coupon. Mario from PRWeb was a great help and my Press Release was read by more than 4800 people (full read) and was included in 44000 RSS feeds. PRweb does a great job. They also helped me edit the press release for which I am very grateful. PRWeb also have great press release tracking statistics. Many thanks to Ponn, Mario from PRWeb, all PRweb and all Ponn’s great networking efforts!

  24. Ponn says

    Hi Lili
    Those are GREAT stats to share! Glad you’re gaining and sharing your wonderful experiences. I’ve SO loved PRWeb, Mario & Gang for years…and introducing their obvious traffic-generation power to newcomers such as yourself is very important to me!

  25. says

    Hi Ponn,

    What a Wonderful offering for Women!
    I just sent twenty plus and counting marketers here to register for their free $200 press release as a reward for voting for my friend at EuroBronz in the best tanning salon in Sumner Co.

    They are excited!

    I believe that I will be taking you up on this offer as well for once I finish the web site.

    Richest Blessings,

    Doug Barger

  26. says

    Hi Dearest Ponn,

    I read your poetry and am inspired. I would like to write one for you to add if you will.

    Dedicated to Ponn by Doug Barger (c)copyright 2007
    “More Than a Conqueror Through Him that Loved Us”

    Disaster stared you in the face,
    But it couldn’t steal your heart.
    Because there was One who stole away
    that even Lights the dark.
    Restored the ear whole as the other,
    Behold, there is your mother.
    Woman, behold your son.
    And darkness could not understand.
    And none can pluck you out of His hand.
    He turned to look at me, He turned the other cheek.
    If I have ears to hear then I can be still and hear the Holy Spirit speak.
    The earth is the Lord’s who gives the kingdom to the meek.
    Our Father’s voice who gives His new everlasting strength to the weak.
    Rivers in the desert.
    I’ll never thirst again.
    Never be forsaken.
    Won’t be a slave to sin.
    No more yokes of bondage
    No more tears of shame.
    The peace and joy that Jesus gives,
    no man can take away.
    He took my hand
    and led me by paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
    The way He searches my heart, forgives my sin is enough to make my heart break.
    His body was broken.
    When the world stabs you in the back,
    remember it beat His first.
    Oh, my repetition and reputation can never quench a thirst.
    The wineskins burst a freedom that is foreign
    to this system.
    The love the love the love.
    Rightly divide.
    Grace and Peace be multiplied.
    All these things shall be added to you.
    The world cannot take away.
    The teacher smiled and revealed His Father to me and Phillip years apart the Sea of Red Time and sand and stars and children and the One who loves His enemies.
    I could never understand the way that though He wasn’t received, He forgave.
    Only believe and you will see.
    The senses can’t prove a thing.
    All things were made by Him the word of His power.
    Many infalliable proofs can’t be contained in books nor the Heaven of Heavens
    He dwells in men as temples
    adorned with the beauty of His light
    The Shepherd who cannot be moved
    except with compassion
    Whatever I sow, that will I reap.
    I said a prayer for you in the closet and will
    delight to see the Father’s reward upon that day.
    Spring from On High has visited the glorious waters write letters on my heart and I am running over like a glass I see reflected the wool white hair and the burnished bronze throne of Glory.
    Ancient of All Days how could I behold?
    The staff He throws swallowed up the serpent and the lies
    and the life swallowed up death.
    Immortal Victory and The Kingdom is of Christ and His saints that cannot be stolen.
    The stone was removed, the veil torn and the lots cast.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley shall be filled with resurrection life healing balm of gilead.
    All in one accord. The planting of the Lord.
    Vessel of Mercy.
    Vessel of Mercy.
    Could I be one of those?
    He wrote a letter on my heart in the language that speaks like fire to all the nations.
    Civilizations bring the glory to His name as every generation ever made waves hands like palm branches.
    Crystal sea and glorified bodies in the twinkling.
    I was trapped by sin.
    I was trapped by sin.
    But, then, Jesus came in.
    He makes His face to shine upon the children of men.
    Son of man, speak to the dry bones He is the God of all flesh.
    And it came to pass exactly as He had said in the same season according to the time of life.
    Cast the net on the other side.
    No more stones and serpents.
    New wine is for the last.
    He saved the best for last marriage supper .
    What a feast.
    No one speaks of hell anymore. Like suddenly eternity changed. Why? Is it less real or Has the Holy One who inhabits ALL of eternity and Says that He changes NOT, suddenly changed? No!
    I must confess that Jesus is come in the flesh.
    I must confess that the spirit of the world is a lie. I must confess that there is a right and a wrong. A sin and a cross. A shepherd and a wolf.
    A true voice and a lying one.
    Now the true Light shines.
    To as many as received Him, to THEM gave He the power to become the sons of God.
    Didn’t we throw 3 men into the fire and now there are four and one looks like the son of God!
    Theier bonds have broken and their hair is not harmed nor garments singed.
    The song of rejoicing.
    Then the True mother said “Then you can have my son rather than cut Him in half.”
    If I be lifted up.
    Upon whom they had pierced.
    Agendas like snakes exposed and cast off into the fire.
    There is One who will not leave us and He is not for hire (though we gave Him thirty pieces of silver.)
    Silver and gold.
    In that Day, the books will be opened.

    Only believe.

    Why does the worldly blindfold convince you that the only truth who saved you is not the way?

    shake off the beggardly elements.

    Elijah of a truth has come.

    I heard a voice of weeping in Rimilah, Havilah,
    The desert.
    Still streams.
    Mountains brought low.
    Every crooked way made straight.
    Jesus is the Rock.
    The Vine. The Vine. The Vine.
    Not a code… A command.
    Not a respecter of persons but a giver of Life to whosoever will believe and call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    A lover of children and the poor and the widow. A Father to the fatherless.
    Where did I build my house, now that the storm has come?
    Who will speak to the waves…will I keep my eyes on Thee?
    Persevering through persecution though none stood with me at first the Lord was with me.
    His name is Emmanuel the First and the Last, the will of His Father Jehovah the Everlasting God Mosts High.
    Hunger and Thirst. Hunger and Thirst.
    Laying down crowns and burdens.
    What have I done unto thee?
    He opened not His mouth.
    Like a lamb.
    Father I trust you above all things and all men.
    If it is you bid me come.
    He laid down His life for His sheep and
    Picked it Up again! Beyond ALL measure.
    Measureless. Selah. Measureless.
    You would have no authority at all unless My Father who loves me gave it.
    You say that I am.
    What will you that I should do unto you? I am willing… be thou made whole.

    Not worldly wisdom, but the Pearl of Great Price.
    You have a vision and will live.
    Not traditions of men, but the “I make all things New”

    Out of the innermost being shall flow rivers of living waters.

    The bread from Heaven satisfies to the fullest.

    The souls in prison.

    Testify among the heathen.

    The hidden riches of darkness

    I will break the bars of iron and give you meat and drink in the valley.

    A song of redemption.

    I have not forgotten how to pray.

    I am willing to be molded.

    To try again.

    To follow the truth.

    We recognized Him when He broke and blessed the bread and told of things to come.

    The delight of the sons of men.

    Searching out knowledge of witty inventions.

    Son of David.

    Many mansions.

    Sowed a seed of My best and won many sons and daughters.

    Not my will that any should perish, but that all should inherit eternal life.

    The life is in the blood, the life is in the Son,
    He showed us the Father, the door and no other way.

    Key of David.

    Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

    Loud voices.

    The kingdom is ours.

    Come meet the man who told me all I’ve ever done.

    The skies parted and folded like a garment.

    Seamless robe.

    No spot nor blemish.

    Knowledge of the Holy One.


    Young woman, I say unto you arise.

    If it were not so I would have told you.

    Some trust in medicine and cars and jobs and bank accounts…

    but as for me…

    now is the time…

    the time accepted

    set time to appoint favor in Zion… to those who mourn in Zion… you shall be comforted.

    A coat of many colors that my Father gave me. Nations belong to Jesus.

    My Father is greater than all and He will make a way.

    Knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth and this city shall be won to Christ Jesus.

    Miracles and signs and wonders follow the spoken word of God mixed with faith by those who believe in their heart.

    Prophesy, speak aloud the manifold wisdom of Our King Father

    Shall not this nation return unto the One who formed her in the belly?

    And I was delivered out of the mouth of the Lion.

    If my people…

    In the Last days….

    many shall come and say….

    Look here or look there

    Obedience better than sacrifice

    You have an unction from the Holy One and know all things.

    This IS the day…


    word of my patience

    bright and morning star

    joy shall come

    drink with you in the kingdom

    a new name written

    white stone

    hidden manna

    give her something to eat

    the time has come

    do whatever He says

    You have saved the best for last

    greater than the former

    Rained manna

    white like snow

    grafted in the Vine.

    I am not ashamed.

    Is not my word like a fire that consumes the nations and a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces?

    Justified, moreover chosen and glorified

    saints in light declare the marvelous works

    greater than these because He makes intercession

    I will return to give Him thanks.

    I will return to give Him thanks.

    I will come to my senses and return to give Him thanks.

    The eye needs the ear and the foot the hand.

    moreover my tongue shall be glad and my flesh shall rest in hope.

    My covenant will I not break nor alter the word that goeth forth from between my lips.

    Having done all to stand.

    Thanks thanks thanks

    I will pray in the Spirit and I will pray with understanding.

    Have I prayed today?

    What am I doing?

    Am I in your will?

    The house that is not built on the rock was made in vain and will fall, will utterly fail and come to nought.

    Repent this day and be saved in the name of the Lord and return with all your heart and sin no more.

    There is a Day approaching and those who patiently wait shall be rewarded with the very best that eternity has to offer…you already have! For greater is He within you than He that is in the world.


    God of the mountains and God of the valley.

    God of the armies of Israel and all those who put their trust in Him.

    Hope does not disappoint and those who come to Him will never be ashamed.

    Finger of God. Finger of God. Holy One of Israel Mighty in the Midst.

    The bread of the world will never satisfy,

    but the Rock of ages will never change!

    This gospel of the kingdom of God shall be published in ALL the world and then the end shall come…

    What must I do?

    Believe upon the Lord Jesus with all your heart.

    The righteous shall reign with Christ!

    You are more than a conqueror through Him that loved you.

    Still the same, still the same, the world often changes, but the blessedness of your savior Jesus is still the same.

  27. RightHand?LeftHand says

    Hi Ponn,

    I tried to click through to pick you up a homemade vanilla ensure, but there is some sort of page that says error and it won’t reveal your paypal address.

    I know you’re improving day by day and that you need your well-deserved rest, but just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.

  28. Ponn says

    Wow, I’m honored and humbled by your generous, kind and empowering time, words and efforts. May God always bless your heart!


    Thank you…the thought alone is empowering!

    I am getting stronger…each Boost Plus at a time. I found Boost Plus is much tastier, actually more calories and nearly $2 cheaper a 6-pack!


  29. says

    Hi Ponn,

    How are you? I trust that you are being renewed each day with strength in your innerwoman and that you are richly blessed and greatly comforted on all sides.

    Just thought that I would drop by and say,”Hi! and thanks for everything!”

    What an awesome offering for people who need press!

    Leave it to Ponn and you have left it in good hands.


  30. says

    Just attended the Webinar yesterday. It was really informative! I recommended it to my press release writer and the proceeded to optimize the press release she had already written me. I wish that more online press release writers would attend FREE sessions like his to know just how important the title is and search engine optimization. Writing online is completely different from writing for a newspaper.

    Anyway, I highly recommend the Webinar for people who have no experience in press release writing like me.

    Also – although the offer ends 9/30, the coupon that I received from the instructor is still good for another 30 days! So I can tweak my press release for another couple of weeks and build up my SleepPhones inventory for the deluge I expect to get when the release comes out!!

  31. Ponn Sabra says

    I believe you’re all set ;-)

    Yes, but the special is all done…you can NOT take any webinars passed last Thursday. Let me know if you need any help! Glad you got in & learned a ton!

    Discount Coupon Codes
    Glad you made it! My pleasure!


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