Women’s Media Summit Still Going Strong! Register Now!

My previous post, Women’s Media Summit by WECAI Network, describes some benefits of registering! But, here’s the most important:You get Audios of ALL recording! And, there are GREAT follow-up interviews still happening!

For example, My Editor Francine Kinzer at Entrepreneur.com/WomenEntpreneur.com (guess who used her Powerful Networking skills to help Heidi, WECAI Founder, get her on the “air”!?) will be interviewed Tonight, Monday, October 29th, and you’ll learn what You have to do to get considered published as a Columnist, Blogger at a high-esteemed online news outlet!

Newspaper and Magazine StandSo, if you STILL Want to be known? Want media coverage? Want Publicity? Want PR (public relations) leads, tips, tools, resources & more!?

Register for the Women’s Media Summit – The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event Today!



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