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Please welcome Allon Bloch, co-CEO of Wix – a free online software that allows you to make your own flash website, blog, MySpace and more!Supposedly, it’s incredibly-simple to use. U know how non-techie I am. While I really want to give it a whirl, “test” it out, and report back to you…something better brewed ov’r yonder. Since time and energy is scarse & after developing a nice rapport with a few of Wix staff while hosting the below interview/article, Wix offered to contribute a weekly series specific to “Internet Branding for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners”. How sweet is that!?

Phew! Having Amit share tips, how-to’s, and more, I’m hoping we will all soon have some kickin’ flash websites ourselves.

P.S. Read to the end, and find out how You can be apart of this invitation-only closed-Beta opportunity!

So, what is Wix Allon ?

Wix is a start up that’s venture backed.

It’s a classic story of a few founders frustrated with a big problem – and spending time and energy to resolving it. In this case, Gig Kaplan, Avishai and Nadav Abrahami (brothers) were looking at the web publishing market in 2005 and were frustrated with the inability to create a web site that looks good and is easy to make. To create a good looking website you need to pay many thousands of dollars to a team of coders and designers, and once you have the site published you need to run back to the coders when you want to make a change. The other option is typically a dreary looking template site that provides no creativity, self expression or a true way to tailor a site to one’s needs.

– So the guys (yes sorry all the founders are guys in this case…) felt like they could tackle this problem and moreover felt like it’s a pretty basic problem. During the last couple of years the emergence of widgets as an important part of the web, especially on social networks, have increased the importance of creating a web-top publishing platform that could enable users to create great stuff online WITHOUT the need to code and WITHOUT being constrained by templates.

– I joined as co-CEO in February 2008, and Nir Zohar as head of operation about a year ago. We’re HQed in NY with a large team in Tel Aviv, Israel

– We’re still in private beta, and while I can’t reveal any of our numbers/targets, we are amazed at the kinds of web documents people are creating. The three broad buckets we have are the following:

o Consumers who want to express themselves- creating personal sites, widgets, slideshows, greeting cards etc

o Artists and musicians who create web stuff for their fans

o Small businesses

– Let me elaborate about our impact on small businesses: instead of spending many thousands of dollars creating a site and then spending weeks every time you want to make a change, a small business owner can create their own site, on their own, and publish it wherever they want. Furthermore, despite the fact that we are in flash our sites are searchable like any HTML sites (that’s part of our secret sauce). We provide a lot of professional looking content that people can use. Certain small business owners would want a graphic or web designer to create this for them – which is fine, and in the future we will create a marketplace to connect designers with site owners. This will still cost a fraction of creating a site today – because it takes much less time to make it – hours or a couple of instead of weeks. And you can do a collaborative design – you don’t just provide a general idea and get a black box – the site owner can change anything they want in real time. And once it’s finished they can change whatever they want on their own

Let’s take an example: let’s say you’re a small flower store with and you want an online presence. You go to wix, create a site and publish it. Now you want to promote a certain event to your customers – you can say create a flyer widget on and email it to your customers or post it on your site or on your myspace profile. And you can prepare that promotion easily on your own – you take imagery from your site, add some text, press publish and voila you have a promotional flyer that you created in minutes – a much easier way to market yourself online

Business model: wix is now free for our beta testers. In the future we will charge a fee to our business customers for using a premium offering, but it’s going to be around $10 a month (and we host the site – which is what you pay for hosting today in any case). So for the price of two cups of cappuccino

You have a striking presence online….

Since Wix is still in closed beta, they only approached a select number of quality blogs whose readers will most benefit from Wix.
I’m proud and honored that EWM makes the “cut”, and they happily offered to give me AND You advanced access so we can all test the product for yourselves!

Here’s how:

The following video offers a quick look at our editor.
For further information, please see our blog kit. [BTW, I really like that “blog kit” instead of “press kit” ;-) ]



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