We’re “A shining example for all kindle publishers” according to Derek Doepker!…?

My girls and I are VIP Mastermind Members of Derek’s EBook Bestseller Secrets You Wish You Knew Program. While there are about 20 of us, we officially finished our 4-week intensive group coaching 2 weeks ago.

Whenever we receive Derek’s email, it’s a top priority for all of us.

So, when we entered our kitchen with our groceries and my girls quickly let my phone sync with our WiFi to see what cool things we  missed when we were out, GiGi immediately told us Derek’s latest Subject Line: “A shining example for all kindle publishers”.

Our curiosity was peaked!

So, we paused after putting the ice cream in the freezer first (of course!)

“What? What!? WHAT!?…Is this for real? Did this go to HIS email list?!”, we  asked each other…nay, it’s just an encouraging personal email we became accustomed from his private coaching, we thought.

“No, Mama…It IS Real! This IS us! He DID send to his whole email list!”

Here’s an excerpt of the most glowing testimonial to give us the right amount of motivation and justification that we ARE on the right path in our kindle publishing journey!

If you’ve hung out the in Kindle Bestseller Secrets facebook group (group for all EBook Bestseller Secret members, which today marks 420 members), you may be familiar with someone that has been rocking it on kindle the past few weeks. {Who could that be?, we thought.}

This person is Ponn Sabra and her and her kids have been cranking out books ever since they first bought the course.  In a matter of a couple weeks they’ve managed to have multiple bestselling children’s books including a smoothie book that at one point I believe broke the top 20,000 paid books.  {The best was ~11,000 and Poetic Puns surprisingly hit ~9,000}

I have been completely blown away by their enthusiasm and dedication so much that I realized I had to send an email praising them and their hard work.  {No Way! “completely blown away” by us? Yes, anyone who knows us, knows we’re very enthusiastic and dedicated chicks not afraid of hard work…but to impress upon someone to cause him to write to his entire kindle-specific email list…Now, We’re completely blown away!}

There are a few lessons we can all learn from Ponn.  {Hmm…we were totally curious ourselves…}

  • She took action early and continues to publish multiple books.  {We had a goal, and bought Derek’s course to guide us. So, we followed it step-by-step.}
  • She’s refined her approach and has figured out what is and isn’t working for her types of books. {With tons of coaching from Derek!}
  • She also shares her insights with others on the facebook group. {Frustrated by our many mistakes when we finally reached something that actually worked, it’s was natural to share our Lessons Learned to prevent others from the headache and frustrations. When 1,2, 3…many people starting thanking me and asking for more; I just couldn’t stop! Helping others is addictive! } :-)
  • And she also invested in private coaching with me to take things to the next level. {We literally watched every single minute of every single video, and applied every single one of Derek’s steps. Since we saw immediate results we knew we’d reach our goals faster if we had more direct coaching from Derek. It was a killer price and since this is the first time he was offering coaching, we knew it was the most opportune thing to do! Back to the “early action” lesson above.}

I felt the need to send this email out to the entire group so you know that people just like yourself who work hard and keep pushing do achieve success.  {Wow, again! But, wait–WOW for you! Yes, my girls and I are just like you. We just got started and while it is hard work, it’s a TON of fun. Granted I have my own personal powerhouse of writers living and working with me to keep me motivated and accountable. So, tip here: Create a team or partnership that works for you! Don’t do this alone.}

And even though I’m sure we’d all say we have a long way to go from where we’d ultimately like to end up, be sure to celebrate all the little wins you’re having along the way.  It makes the process so much more enjoyable. {We’re ~1/3 away from our first quarter’s goal. So, to us all small successes ARE worth celebrating! And, you never know…someone pretty well-connected in your field (like Derek in the kindle publishing field) MAY just be watching and willing to surprise your emailbox with a public celebratory email too!…We would’ve NEVER have guessed this was possible.}

Truth be told: we told Derek entering his VIP Mastermind Group that we were determined to be one of his success stories. We want to make 4-figures a month directly from kindle publishing…and high-4 to 5-figures within a year. While we only begun our journey, and have a long way to go, I thought I’d be the first one to share a public testimonial–NOT the other way around!

I continuously share my reflections, little-tips and even hacks to his program directly in his facebook group; not anticipating anything in return. I openly share my praise for Derek’s kindle publishing “system”, honesty, down-to-earth logical teaching style, and his genuine interest in building a sustainable kindle publishing business for long-term financial rewards.

He’s never been a make-money-fast internet marketer. He wasn’t even an Internet marketer a year ago. Actually, he quit his valet job once he made ~$5600 from his bestseller in December! He’s SO against quick-money-schemes, that he starts his program with hour-long videos sharing his business mentality, give-to-give attitude, and belief in being personable, unique, honest, kind with his undersell-overdeliver mindset.

So, my girls and I are most grateful for his surprising acknowledgement of our hard work; because if it wasn’t for his hard work first, we’d never be where we are today without his program and direct guidance!

While Derek is not offering coaching right now, if you’re not a member of his Ebook Bestseller Secrets You Wish Knew , Get In Today! I will blog each and every module in the upcoming days for a detailed review. We obviously have the upsell; and it’s totally worth it! NOTE: I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on other kindle bestseller programs over the past 2 years; 3 of which were $200-$300 each! I think Derek’s is the most comprehensive, easy to follow and implement program, and the ONLY one which helped us sell kindles! So, $37 is a tiny investment for your kindle publishing business!

What small (or large) success to have to share with us today? Comment below so we can continue celebrating! Also, if you have ANY questions about Derek’s program; just ask. We’re here to help…especially if you get in so you can see all the action in his private facebook group!


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      Oh, SO exciting Fran! Yay! You found us from Derek’s group, right? Are you attending his and John’s webinar about kindle promotions happening in a few minutes?

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    Yes, the key to coaching is that the student is ready, willing and able to learn, accept criticism, stick to a plan and be accountable to their coach.

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