Want Targeted Marketing? Use Online Press Releases

Utilizing Online Press Releases Part II: Targeting My Ideal Reader!

Part I: The Difference between Online (Consumer-Focused) and Offline (Producer-Focused) Press Releases.

Want to reach your target market/reader/subscriber right now?

Bloggers *must* add online press releases to their internet marketing arsenal now!

Online Press Releases:

Consumer/YOU* = Target blog reader, RSS subscriber

Who is it written for?








How can I help YOU*?

Realistic and appealing


WHO: YOU are, your needs, desires, problems, concerns and issues

WHAT: Can I do for YOU?

WHEN: YOU are ready, YOU can try our free samples, free offer, free gifts, free blogposts, free ezine, free RSS subscription, free eCourse, free eReport, free eBook, etc.

WHY: YOU are important and critical for Our Success; because *only* with YOU will WE succeed together!

HOW: Can I assist YOU? Contact information is embedded in anchor text links with is subliminal, and below in “contact information” which is less unobtrusive.

Offline Press Releases:

I* = (You) the Producer, blog author/publisher, marketer.

Who is it written for?



Leader only through titles, years of experince and level of education, while good and necessarily, its Authoritative


What can I* do for you? Dictated, “edgy, trendy, and sometimes sensationalized” to grab the Journalist’s attentions


WHO: Am I?

WHAT: Do I do?

WHEN: Am I available for you?

WHY: Am I doing X,Y,Z (this event, this product or service)

HOW: I can be contacted.

The whole press release is geared towards “I” and ends with “Me”, not YOU*. After all, this is how I get the attention of traditional offline media.


Ready to get started?



  1. Admin says

    Fashion Fotos
    I’m glad you found my posts helpful. Yay, the RSS post is great…I can say that, because I didn’t do the work ;-) As for “implementation”, if you have any problems, you know where I am :-)

    Thanks for your feedback. As you know, this is one area I feel is greatly overlooked at here on the web, especially for bloggers, so I’m trying hard ot break them down as easily as I can.

  2. says

    Thanks Ponn, you’re great! Mario of PRWeb was so helpful and so generous with his time in answering all our questions. PRWeb.com is so efficient and I am delighted I used them for my press release and thank you so very much for the coupon. Please thank Mario too and all Prweb for their great service!

  3. Ponn says


    Mario and the rest of the crew at PRWeb are simply Great, aren’t they!?

    I’ll express your gratitude to them.

    Please keep us posted with how your press release goes, and share the URL and your experiences here!


  4. says

    Hi Ponn, my Press Release with PRWeb was read (full read) by 4800 people in only 8 days and it was included in more than 52000 RSS feeds – I am amazed at the power of PRWeb. PRWeb also did a great job helping me edit the press release and they have awesome tracking statistics. Thanks Ponn, Thanks Mario your PRWeb is the BEST!!!

  5. Admin says

    Hi Lili
    Those are GREAT stats to share! Glad you’re gaining and sharing your wonderful experiences. I’ve SO loved PRWeb, Mario & Gang for years…and introducing their obvious traffic-generation power to newcomers such as yourself is very important to me!


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