Use Your Local Media List To Position Yourself as a Local Expert

After you build a local media list, here’s what to do next to position yourself as an expert.

Ponn Sabra successfully turned this strategy into multiple media coverage locally and nationally, and was asked to become a newspaper business columnist. A colleague successfully implemented this strategy to build quality local media contacts as well.

HOW-TO: Pick one day of the week to release a locally-specific press release for over one month. For example, on every Tuesday for the next 6-8 weeks you can share interesting newsworthy headlines such as the ones listed below.

NOTE: We do not recommend exceeding 6-8 weeks. Once you establish a working relationship with this method, do not want to send more than our recommended monthly press release.

Press Release Headline Examples

  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Offers New Free eBook, “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom”
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra’s New Free American Muslim Mom Podcast Reaches Annual Goals of Downloads in the First Month
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Launches Homeschooled Daughters’ – Where Kids Make Money Online
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Co-Founded New – A Do It Yourself Online PR Website
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Featured as Forum Advisor to – A Learning Center for Homeschool Teens to Start and Run an Online Business
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Selected as a Eid Greeting Card Judge for International Design Challenge
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Guests on Playful Tots Podcast – Showcasing Playful Home Education Methods for Muslims
  • Local Muslim Mom Blogger Ponn Sabra Partners with ‘What to Expect’ Parenting Website to Attract American Muslim Audience

Do you see a pattern? The point of emailing a press release every Tuesday with the title as the Subject Line is to have the local media recall that there is a “Local Muslim Mom Blogger named Ponn Sabra”.

Benefits of starting at the local level:

You gain critical practice and experience dealing with the local press, which helps to build your media portfolio. Your goal is to gain written (newspaper), spoken (radio), and live interviews (TV) locally so you can prove to mass media outlets that you a professionally prepared.

Do not underestimate the value of building quality local media relationships. Local media contacts have the ability to very easily hit “forward” to refer your press releases to colleagues locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

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