The Must-Have WordPress Plugins for More Traffic, a More Active Community, and Make More Money

Fortunately, my recent post “My Plugins, Your Plugins, Let’s Find the Best Plugins Together” got some GREAT feedback from my affiliate marketing colleagues, conversational marketing buddies, and networking expert bloggers who have far greater traffic statistics, RSS feed subscribers, search engine rankings, and make much more money online than I do…so, I’m *totally* following their lead and advice.

In addition to everything on “My List” and “My Wish List”, we’re (actually Amanda is) feverishly working to followAndy Beard of Blog Search Engine Performance, WordPress, Niche Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Tips and Social Media with Original Opinion and Loads of Attitude and Dan and Jennifer of Ask Dan and Jennifer detailed instructions, recommendations, and commentary why WE (yes, You too) should use the following plugins and more!

Important note: If you “are on Yahoo Hosting, they CANNOT edit their .htaccess file without crashing their blog. Yahoo doesn’t allow customers access or editing rights to the .htaccess file, which is rather silly as they are a WordPress “partner” and WP regularly requires this!! :)  PS – yes, I learned this little tidbit the hard way. :) ) Thanks Wendy for sharing this *very* important note.

WordPress Plugins for More Traffic, a More Active Community, and Make More Money

I. First Thing To-Do:


II. Tagging plugin:
Use Ultimate Tag Warrior for tags. Tags are very important, since tag pages rank very well in natural search engine results. So after you get this configured, be sure to display the tags for a post under that particular post, and have them link to those tag pages (i.e. NOT to Technorati or elsewhere).

III. Feedburner Plugin:

Currently your blog has the atom feed showing by default on auto discovery, which isn’t good for your subscriber numbers because everyone signs up to a feed not tracked by Feedburner.

  • Definitely install the Feedburner plugin – Feedburner provides great stats on your feed readreship. As an added bonus, as soon as you install it, it’ll redirect all your current subscribers who are on your blog’s own atom feed, and get them all pulling on that shiny new Feedburner feed. :-)

IV. Related Posts:
4 options:
1.) Simple code to show related posts if you use UTW

If you are using UTW, it is not recommended to use Wasabi

1a.) Adding UTW Related Posts (or Wasabi Related Posts) to feeds

2.) Great plugin to have – at the end of the article, people are typically ready to digest more similar info, so it’s a great way to keep them hooked on your site. Here’s the WASABI “related posts” plugin is the most popular and it works fine, even with UTW.

2a.) Definitely add “related posts” to your feed, it’s a great way to engage people in your site even if they don’t like the particular item they’re ready, or they just want more.

3.) There are also related posts plugins based upon Jeromes Keywords (which we think is now “Simple Tagging”)

4.) Semiologic also has various related posts plugins that are based on auto collected keywords from Yahoo API

V. Random Posts:
2 options:

1.) You can also get a “random posts” plugin from WASABI which is kinda nice. Again, good to find previously written and buried posts. More activity there means better rankings for those posts in the search engines. Yumm. :-)

2.) Another option is the Tumbleweed Plugin
It highlights random posts that didn’t receive a lot of attention especially when you first started your blog.

If it works, great, if it doesn’t, maybe it will be fixed in the future version…

VI. Latest Comments:
This is great to feature latest comments in your sidebar, thus getting yet more comments and visibility to possibly old posts. You can get it at Brian’s Latest Comments.

VII. Most Popular Posts:

Interesting commentary to consider (phew…one less plugin):

It was recommended that I stay away from this. These plugins add a lot of overhead and the data doesn’t mean much in my case. It works for blogs that don’t promote, but you promote your content just like we do.

Thus a post will become popular not because people like it, but because we choose to spend effort promoting it. We went back and forth with our friend Everton Blair on this topic, and he came to the same conclusion. So we deactivated and no longer use these plugins.

VIII. Sitemaps:

Sitemaps are crucial for search engines and also for people to browse around. But mainly for search engines to find all your buried posts.
For a quick example, see what we’re doing, at the very bottom of our site –

1.) First, the HTML sitemap page. This is not a plugin, but Chris Pearson ( has a great page template that auto-generates your sitemap. A good thing.

2.) In fact, you’ll want to be sure to also get the Google Sitemap Plugin (dependent on UTW) .

3.) Then, also get the Google XML Sitemap Plugin, which auto-generates a sitemap in Google sitemap format every time you post. Very cool.

MSN, Yahoo, and have agreed on a common sitemaps format, so they’ll automatically look for the location of your sitemaps file in your robots file and then they’ll download it. Very cool.

So, AFTER you have a sitemap in place and working (and you can download the sitemap yourself), add this sitemaps directive to your robots.txt file (with your sitemaps path of course).

User-agent: *

IX. Robots.txt/Htaccess file

2 options:

1.) The Ultimate WordPress Htaccess File?

This actually does www to no www. You can just drop it in and it should work. [Read Andy’s post carefully!]2.) www and non-www domain redirect

You might also modify your htaccess file, to redirect any path on your site which goes to “” to “” (or vice versa).
That way search engines don’t count those as 2 different sites. Here’s our example:
# redirect to
RewriteCond %{HTTP_Host} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

X. Still can’t get the Translation Plugin to work…nor the RSS feed right for Seth Godin’s plugin…any more advice anyone? anyone else?

Okay, now…this should keep us all busy. Let me know how this one-post of plugins helps you and your WordPress blog out in the comments…I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. says

    Ponn – if you can, please add a note up in your post that if people are on Yahoo Hosting, they CANNOT edit their .htaccess file without crashing their blog.

    Yahoo doesn’t allow customers access or editing rights to the .htaccess file, which is rather silly as they are a WordPress “partner” and WP regularly requires this!! :)

    (PS – yes, I learned this little tidbit the hard way. :) )

  2. Admin says

    Thanks Wendy!
    URGH! That sounds awful! Glad you jumped out of this crazy event with no scars…at least I never noticed any ;-)
    ~ P

  3. says

    Yahoo hosting… just say no.

    Of couse I wouldn’t accuse the WordPress guys of payola and recommending a service purely because the service also provides commercial Akismet licenses or pays a lot for corporate support.

    There is a disclaimer for the affiliate links on their recommended hosting page, but that doesn’t allow for recommending a host as poor advice.

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