Stop Talking Like A Girl…

at least, when it comes to business.

Here’s a new way for women entrepreneurs to re-think small-talk…or girl-talk for that matter:

Conversational Capitalism is something women entrepreneurs desparately need to master. Kristen Osolind of RE:Invention Consulting says it plainly and clearly.

Small-talk and girl-talk is necessary to build the “instanteoous bonds” I speak about in Empowering Women to Power Network. But, to build the power network we need to be able to transition the new bonds to be mutually beneficial.

The I-scratch-your-back-and-you-scratch-mine mutually beneficial relationship.

No doubt, I do not have a problem small-talking or girl-talking…but, everyone also knows I know how to talk-business too.

Here’s one thing that gets me: when I see a women entrepreneur is small-talking with me, and struggling to ask & never talks her business. Becuase I desparately care about the success of women entrepreneurs, I ASK!

Here’s a tip: not all people will ask you (a woman entrepreneur who doesn’t know how-to ask or even know what-to ask): “What can I do for you?”

It’s a “timing-thing”. We all have a limited amount. So, let’s save-time: learn how-to capitalize on our conversations Now!


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