SEO Week Featured Our Search Engine Optimization Tips Marathon

Wendy totally surprised me with a featured post during her SEO Week celebrations, about my Search Engine Optimization Tips Marathon.

I’m so glad I got the news early enough, because there were some loose ends. I got a hold of my VA Jen, and she quickly installed 2 plugins we had yet to get up and running.

We have Thirdsphere seeing if the server is upgradeable, because I desperately want to utilize the WordPress Link Directory (Alec of eBranding, all the way in Australia–with the time difference, is sitting patiently to hopefully install it too, once we get the hopeful “Okay” from Thirdsphere.)

And, I got to put a bunch of live links in, since we did finally move to WordPress almost one-month ago, and I never got back to these posts.

So, as much as Wendy and I are practically soul-sistahs and in constant contact…this totally took me for surprise, but I’m glad she pushed me to producing better, more updated posts for you–my loyal reader!

BTW, she did take out the “women entrepreneurs” part of my titles, as SEO/search engine optimization is universal. As long as you’re online, regardless of your profession or gender, you can gain from these tips…remember, I am some-what a Computer-Dummy, and proud of it!

Oh yeah…and, Wendy pointed out that I can’t count…I double-counted 7’s.  But, I don’t have two 13’s…so maybe my inability to count is rubbing off on her now. :-D hee hee



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