Search Engine Optimization/SEO for Online Women Entrepreneurs Part 13

Search Engine Optimization/SEO for Online Women Entrepreneurs Part 13: SEO Tools

(a) Keyword Advisor provides:

  • Listing of top 10 ranked websites on a search engine for queried keyword phrase
  • Listing of link popularities values of the top 10 websites.
  • Listing of PageRank values of the top 10 websites.
  • A competitive rate for your keyword, indicating whether you should invest on it.
  • An estimated number of text links you should build to rank high on your keyword.

(b) SEO Book keyword suggestion tool! Wow~~ this one outdoes all the rest!

(c) Other critical ones are conveniently in one place now! Like Google PageRank Predictor & Backlink Checker (that I recommended before) but Glen has other important ones that I just tried out:

  • Link Extractor – Find out how many links are coming from a Certain website, great for finding hidden links on potentially spammy sites, or seeing how many pages the big sites do actually link too!
  • Keyword Density Checker – What a great tool for when fine tuning an SEO campaign. Use our Keyword Density Checker to see the frequency/density of keywords on any given webpage!
  • Google Banned Checker – Check if your site is likely to have been banned from the Google Banned Checker! If us for free and find out how we can help you get re-listed, and we will take care of it all.

If you know other tools W.E. (women entrepreneurs) should be using, please share the links below. Thanks in advance!


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