Review: Your Book Monopoly By Rachel Rofe. Limited $9.95 Special Launch. We LOVE So Much, Our FREE $47 Bonus!

Your Book Monopoly by Rachel RofeWho wouldn’t want their own legal Book Monopoly? We sure do!

Our friend, Rachel Rofe is a highly-respected bestselling kindle author/publisher and one of the sweetest Internet marketers you can ever have the pleasure of meeting online! We’re so proud to support her special launch today: Your Book Monopoly for $9.95 (affiliate link). While, we were fortunate to receive a review copy, this should not distract from the truth: This product is Insane!

I actually bought a product for $147 to teach us how to get into libraries and bookstores and it is NOT as straightforward, clean and easy-to-follow as Rachel’s! What she offers is A-MAZ-ING!

I was so in awe, I spent 30 minutes trying to find my login to the other long-lost product just to compare the two. Hands-down, there is NO comparison because Rachel offers SO Much More!

Note: We own and use all of Rachel’s kindle products, such as her  Kinstant Formatter. So we are a huge fan, and she did not let us down!

Want Kindle Audiobooks? Translations in different languages? Library distribution?

We do! Well, Rachel walks you through the entire process of maximizing the profitability of each of your kindle books! She walks you through every single step to take your book to the next level; every step was on our To Do List for 2014!

For example,
– Make professional audio books, not just offer free audio recordings of portions of the kid books that we make ourselves!
– Get it translated into other languages and publishing them!
– Getting a hard copy published so we can get it into brick and mortar bookstores and libraries–the Right Way!

Why My Book Monopoly Rocks

Now, my girls and I are biased to clean-white-space and step-by-step systems.  So, offering a backend that is so clean, systematic, easy-to-follow and flows intuitively gains huge points in our book!

If you like systems too, then you’ll love that she has one-page dedicated to each step:

Introduction > Physical Books > Libraries > Bookstores > Audiobooks > Translation

To “test” the system, I asked my girls where they wanted to start and they said “Translation” and “Audiobooks” because we obviously need Physical Books to get in Libraries and Bookstores.

We read each section (page) and it blew us away! So, we quickly went to the Introduction to start from the beginning and quickly made it to end. We peeked at the bonuses, and can’t wait for her bonus free webinar next week!

Rachel offers lessons learned from her trial and errors!

This was one of the reasons we made this blog: Everyone says we’re so generous in sharing all our lessons learns and successful strategies after OUR trial and error process, so we’re trying to track our journey on this blog. Rachel is the same way, as she offers:

  • Step-by-step tutorials, some with videos (she has the sweetest little voice…a nice change to my often screeching girls)
  • Training scripts
  • Outsourcing job templates
  • Successful strategies to prevent you from making her mistakes
  • She even displays expensive quotes she received and how to avoid them
  • Bonus Tips!

Buy Now and Apply Later…Just Like Us

Again, this amazing system is only $9.95 during this special launch period. We don’t know for how long, but it’s guaranteed to go up to $97! Which we think is totally worth it!

To date, we’ve already spent well over $2000 in kindle products and coaching, and others claimed to offer some of or ALL what Rachel offers, but clearly they  do NOT compare!

Even IF you haven’t started kindle publishing yet, at this price, I highly recommend that you buy now and store it for future use. Then, ask us what’s holding you up and my girls and I will answer your concerns to help you get started once and for all!

While we read every single word, we probably won’t apply the steps until the earliest this Winter…more realistically, not until 2014. But, reading this with the girls shows us that we CAN do all that we want to do!

Our FREE Bonus: The Ultimate Online PR Kit (Value $47)

To sweeten the deal, if you purchase through my affiliate link I’m offering my Ultimate Online PR Kit (Value $47) as a bonus. Just forward me your receipt to hi<at> and I will give you access!

I publicize when our kindle books launch with press releases. So, this compliments your kindle publishing business ideally! I’ve been updating one of the books to add all the press releases I’ve published just for our kindle books, so you’ll get these updates as they are released for free too!

UPDATED: If you own the Ultimate Online PR Kit, we will gift you Setup WordPress Blog In One Day (value $27). If you already own both, we will gift you Build-A-Brand Online in One Day (value $27)

If you have any specific questions about Rachel’s program, please comment below or email me at hi<at>


  1. Amanda L Grossman says

    Interesting…I actually had my ebook translated into Spanish, and am trying to figure out how to promote it right now. Have you guys started down this path yet (I see that you want to)?

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