Press Release Distribution Service – The Ultimate List

After what seemed like endless hours of research to organize, format and outline this list…only to find that once I was ready to post, another new service came to my attention…and, then another. Listed by Google PageRank.

Well, that’s it! It’s time to post this list. I know I’ll be adding and updating this list as we go on…so, I’d love your input, your recommendations, suggestions, etc.

My goal is to ultimately try every single one of these services, to give a full-review of the pros, cons, tips and tools for every single one of these services, starting with the free resources then gradually trying paid services one by one. As this is an ambitious and timely endeavor, I want You to actively comment below and share your experiences: good, bad and indifferent!

Ya never know, maybe W.E. (women entrepreneurs) will be able to score some free press releases from some of the paid services listed below…as my personal choice and still top-choice of made for me and all my subscribers.

Haven’t cashed in on your free $200 top-of-the-line press release, click here right now!

The Ultimate List of Online Press Releasewoman jumping for joy with her news coverage Distribution Services

PR Newswire
Page Rank 8/10
We tell your story to the word.
Must fill out membership application. Offers several services to the members who pay a $150 per year membership to include audio and video assistance, access reports. editorial assistance, SEO assistance, just to name a few.

Web Wire
Page Rank 7/10
No less than $9.95
Internet Press Release Resource

Market Wire
Page Rank 7/10
Start at $50
We are able to provide comprehensive distribution at the lowest price in the industry. includes real-time integration into leading editorial systems at newspapers and broadcast outlets via the AP network, direct FTP feeds into newswires and databases, and republication on leading Web sites. Add photos in press release for basic $50.
Page Rank 7/10
PRWeb® distributes press releases for many Fortune 500 companies and is the largest Newswire catering to small and medium-sized companies and organizations.

eWorld Wire
Page Rank 7/10
For as little as $75
Eworldwire, the #1 trusted newswire to send press releases in the world, via the largest available number of focused, targeted categories in the industry – over 700. You can add your logo and sent via RSS feeds.

Enhanced Online News ***BusinessWire associate
Page Rank 7/10
$200 minimum optimized press release
Powerful technology and tools to help optimize your news contest and enhance online visibility for major search engine. In partnership with industry leader

PR WEb Direct
Page Rank 6/10
In addition, with the integration of Business Wire into our distribution network you can now leverage the best of the top two press release newswires (additional fees apply). Each release sent out through PRWeb Wire Service with the Business Wire upgrade receives a free report showing exactly where releases have been used online
Page Rank 6/10
Free and offer full company profiles for as little as $199/yr
Promote EVERYTHING about your business is a unique business community where you have a Full Company Profile with which to promote your business, post products and services with full descriptions and images, distribute press releases, post job opportunities, and more.
Page Rank 6/10
Free but they do also have a paid press releases
The power of FPRC is in the keyword linking. With each press release the you can choose a keyword and a URL (different to your main site URL) which will appear as a link (using the keyword as the anchor text) in your press release.

Internet News Bureau
Page Rank 6/10
$275/first submission – $80/subsequential submissions
Your Press Release is emailed to journalists as early as the next Business Day. Releases are distributed by Internet News Bureau.

Click Press
Page Rank 6/10
For less than $7 per day per company, we can handle an unlimited number of your press releases with a global distribution including the world’s major financial newswires.

NewsForce ***partnered BusinessWire (Page Rank 4/10)
Page Rank 6/10
$200 per release
Newsforce makes it easy to turn a regular press release into a keyword-packed performance push! Distribute your content with a few clicks through Business Wire, the largest press release distribution service in the world. You don’t have to be a technical whiz or even an Internet pro – just follow our simple SEO tips and you’ll see your press writing skills achieve results like never before!
Automated press release system

PR Leap
Page Rank 6/10

PR Leap is the free press release distribution service that increases the search visibility of press releases

Press box UK
Page Rank 6/10
Press release submission

24-7 Press Release
Page Rank 6/10
Starting pricing at $45
Enhance your web exposure

Xpress Press News Service
Page Rank 5/10
Starting prices $398
Leading provider of press releases via satellite

Press Kit 247
Page Rank 5/10
Press 24/7 puts you in control of your press kit and your press kit in front of the media. Gives you access to audio and video for your business.

UK Press Wire
Page Rank 5/10
UK & Global News Distribution. a provider of free and fee-based tools and websites to media professionals around the world.

US Press Wire
Page Rank 5/10
US & Global News Distribution. a provider of free and fee-based tools and websites to media professionals around the world.

Arrivenet Press
Page Rank 5/10
Free (and editorials too) is a unique interactive media portal designed for companies and individuals to submit and archive their pro-active press release and editorial messages

Advanced – PR
Page Rank 5/10
Our press release distribution service will get you the press and media coverage you need. At Majon International and our Advanced-PR division, we have been distributing targeted press releases to the media for over a decade. We will get you results!

Page Rank 5/10
$399.00 to submit press release and for $599 they will write & submit press release for you.
uses email & PR newswire to reach media. With more than 30,000 opt-in journalists, we’ll get your press release directly to the desktops of the appropriate media folks

Book Catcher
Page Rank 5/10
Free – a website offering free book publicity for book writers and book publishers. who need how-to information and expert book industry resources to excel in self-publishing. We cover book writing, book marketing, book development and book publishing. Use our free resources to help you find inspiration to write your book, increase sales of your book, and market your book globally.

Page Rank 5/10
Free (but also offer paying press releases)
Unlimited amount of press releases you can submit and it will be kept for 10 months. It can be up to 500 words for free press release.

News Release Wire
Page Rank 5/10
This is the Yearbook of Experts’ website, America’s Favorite Newsroom Resource in print, on the web and via LexisNexis® since 1984.”

SB Wire
Page Rank 5/10
Prices as low as $19.95
Provides free press release distribution services to small to medium businesses.

Page Rank 5/10
Prices as low as $79.99
Targeted News Distribution and Newswire Services

PR Free
Page Rank 5/10
P.R. Free offers customized distributions with assistance from our complementary branch. PR Freeâ„¢ is backed by a highly sucessful and experienced actual wire service, Eworldwire.

Rush PR News
Page Rank 4/10
Prices starting at $35.00
online press release services and distribution to nationwide media outlets in the U.S. and Canada. Also have newswire services for $15.00

PR Log
Page Rank 4/10
PR Log offers free press release submission either immediately or scheduled date and allows HTML and categorization of keywords.

URL Pitch
Page Rank 4/10
No less than $50
Tell the world about your work

Press Method
Page Rank 4/10
Provides press release distribution, writing, and copy writing services.

eBoom press release
Page Rank 4/10
Article and press release submission but you can insert HTML and pictures. Asking for donations to keep it free.

ePress Release
Page rank 4/10
News release announcement services.

Online Press Releases
Page Rank 4/10
Software to buy for press releases $249.95

The Open Press
Page Rank 4/10
Distributes media alerts and press releases to the mainstream media. Free and commercial services available.

Fast Pitch! Press is the largest Free Press Release Distribution service on the web today.
Page Rank 4/10
Business Networking – press release distribution to the members of the group no less than $14.95/mo

Express Press Release
Page Rank 4/10
no registration required, human edited & monitored content, no long forms – in fact only a few fields on-line form for quick posting, we value your time, own page for each of your press releases (search engine optimized), unlimited posting, your press releases are archived

****Business Wire – Partnering with NewsForce (Page Rank 6/10)

Page Rank 4/10
With Newsforce’s SEO software, Business Wire launches the first phase of its SEO solution: a keyword research tool, press release SEO tool, link building tool, and news search engine ranking report.
Have to become member to use
Business Wire is trusted by tens of thousands of companies and organizations around the globe to disseminate disclosure and publicity news releases, photos and other content to media outlets, reporters, investors, regulatory agencies, web systems and other audiences.
Page Rank 4/10
Basic and easy press release submission. Set up account and enter your press release.

Web News wire
Page Rank 2/10
Must subscribe to submit press release
Web Newswire, a totally free wire service, the future of the news.

Ezine Trendz
Page Rank 2/10
This is ONLY for article submissions – not press releases
Articles are spell checked. Our database of over 500 publishers will receive your article. Only publishers who request article submissions receive them.
You will not receive any junk mail as a result of your article submission. Your name and contact information is provided with the article in a professional introduction.
All contracted writers, who submit an article at least once a month are entered into our Contributing Writers Site, which includes a short bio about the writer and links directly to the writers site.
These 500 ezines have a total of over ONE Million subscribers that your article could be sent to if approved by the publisher.


Page Rank 2/10 – they recommend and have a link on their home page to

Update May 26, 2007: shows top-ranking on’s Press Release Category

If I inadvertently missed any one online press release distribution center, please comment below as I plan to upkeep this list. Obviously, Online Search Engine Optimized Press Releases, are my dear specialty…I’m in the process of working on numerous information products and services particular to this one area of expertise. Too confused, or strapped for time? Check out our services for all your SEO freelance writing needs and services here.


  1. says

    Great list! Thanks for compiling this – it’s really helpful. I believe with PRLeap you have to pay to use links in your press release. For search engines, it’s worth paying for that link.
    If you don’t pay, use your keywords near the URL (before, and/or behind). It won’t be linked but can still help associate your web address with your major keywords.

  2. Admin says

    Hi Heidi!
    I know you’ll be taking great advantage of this list, as you actively send online press releases. Thanks for the kind words…W.E. (women entrepreneurs) work hard to please at :-)

    I agree, its worth the extra “dime” for the search engine optimization. You are a fan of PRLeap, so it’s definitely one I’ll pay particular attention too.

    Great little tip about keyword placement…hmm…have you compiled any “hard data” regarding this tactic? Just in press releases or in articles, blogposts, any type of webpage?

    Thanks Ladies!
    ~ Ponn

  3. says

    I’m glad I finally connected with you! This is a great list. I thought I had a comprehensive list (coming from television news) but you have sources that I DON’T have. Love it!

    Peace & Blessings,
    Beverly Mahone

  4. Admin says

    Hi Beverly

    So glad to be of some help. Undoubtedly, this was a big undertaking…so W.E. (women entrepreneurs) are excited it turned out so well :-)

    BTW, I absolutely *love* your tagline! “I’m still HOT, it just comes in Flashes now!”

    Glad you touched base with me and I hope you stick around, so we can power network in the near future! Contact me anytime :-D

    ~ Ponn

  5. Admin says

    Hey Mig

    Thanks for all the support! You’re doing great stuff, and I’m glad we’re on the same wave length on many fronts!

    Peace my dear.
    ~ Ponn

  6. says

    Forgot for business and Newswire & have excellent reputation Vs some listed above.

  7. Admin says

    Thanks for bringing the 2 centers to our attention. We appreciate your feedback too.

    It’s our pleasure. Glad to be of some help ;-)

    I’ll be adding these in-order on the list, but here are some more:

    1888 Press release
    Page Rank 5/10
    Our services include free press release submission, press release distribution, sample press releases, press release writing tips, and the most popular press releases.

    Press Release Spider
    Page Rank 5/10
    Press release search engine

    Add PR
    Page Rank 5/10
    Free and paid -$10/press release

    FV News Wire
    Page Rank 3/10
    $25/yr fee
    FV Newswire is the leading source for full text breaking news releases for companies and groups throughout the world.

    Press 411
    No Page Rank

  8. says

    The following sites are also damaging the industry

    * i-Newswire i AS HIGH SPAM CONTENT
    * send2press send2press REPORTED AS HIGH SPAM CONTENT


  9. Admin says

    Page Rank 0/10
    You have to fill out a account form and then FAX in a signed form BEFORE you can submit a press release
    You need a partner that makes life easy. A newswire that gets it right the first time, every time. One that goes out of its way to answer your questions and provide new tools that really make a difference in your day. That’s Marketwire. It’s time to take a closer look.

    Page Rank 4/10
    Create, Combine, Distribute PRX Builder has teamed up with PR Newswire, the world leader in news distribution, to help you reach all of your critical audiences, including consumers, b2b audiences, media, and investors.
    No less than $180

    Soft Press Release
    Page Rank 5/10
    Press release distribution to computer publications and user groups
    No less than $125 – however it will be distributed to 4100+ computers

    Press Release Network
    Page Rank 5/10
    No less than $250

    Page Rank 7/10
    “sister” site of PR web


    Page Rank 7/10

    WebPost® – $9.95 per submission. Each WebPost® submission is automatically submitted to Google News.

    ncludes WebPost®, and with WebRelease®, your press release will be included within Google Search results based upon keywords, that comprise a phrase, you assign to the release during the submission process.

    WebWire® Wire Service Distribution Powered by Starting at $180 per submission.

    PR Urgent
    A Priority Press Release service
    Page Rank 4/10
    FREE and paid…$9.95 service & $25.00

  10. Admin says

    Can you *please* share where you’re generating your research. This is *very* important information for us. Website that tests this? What does “reported as high spam content”? Do the search engines see these as “spam websites”?!? I was talking to a colleague recently about free press release distribution services *only* giving one link-back, and may not be beneficial, unless you want all the link backs? But, never discussed “spam-association”. Please advise us ASAP.

    Much obliged,
    P.S. I have no idea how I missed these comments. Possibly, because you’ve commented before, they didn’t get moderated…and it didn’t log in the “recent comments” long enough to see, because other comments were coming equally as quick…hmmm.

  11. says

    It appears as though anubiz got his information from this website –

    I’m not exactly sure how these claims are determined as there’s no other real content on this website?

    On another note, I run a website – which is a free press release site in the form of a blog. We allow deep linking within our site. We don’t allow articles this site is for press releases only, and we monitor closely for spam.

  12. Ponn says


    Thank you so much for the clarification…seems like is a bit of a spam site in and of itself.

    Interestingly, anubiz’s email address is not a “real” one. I was real considered about the comments and had to follow-up.

    I like what you offer, but how do you discern what to publish? Categories, etc?

    I see tons of potential for your site and will be happy to list your service.

    You also introduced me to some interesting services…our networks don’t overlap, so we have great potential in joint venture partnering VERY soon!

    Stay active here and stay in touch, Okay!?

  13. Admin says

    Hi George

    Interesting find. Thanks for sharing.

    From the page: “NewDesignWorld Press Release Center, is a web application that allows you to submit an Press Release that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a news article it will be placed in the “unpublished” area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page.”

    Like the “digg” of online press releases.

  14. says

    Hi Ponn,

    Determining what to publish is an interesting one, primarily we won’t publish anything adult related, gambling, made for adsense, or dodgy money making schemes. Having said that we don’t recommend in anyway what is published – it can be a bit tricky sometimes, because what we see as not being newsworthy maybe to someone else. Some of the SPAM is very well disguised.

    We don’t categorise our posts, we utilise the tagging plugin for wordpress (we need to work on this a little). Perhaps we should categorise to basic level?

    Thanks for your positive feedback, I’ll be interested to hear what plans you have for the future – and I’ll be subscribing to your feed :)

  15. Admin says

    Or dare I say Troy?

    Great editing criteria. I agree completely–as I share the same things here–we’re a family-friendly place ;-)

    Oh…I feel honored you appreciate my advise enough to join my feed…there’s TONs of great to unveil very soon…like with every post. Just kiddin’

    Hey, if I don’t think everything I publish is great…then, who else would, right!?

    Keep Pressing-About :-D

  16. says

    I confirm that you would find HIGH SPAM content from mainly PRLEAP, and others, simply visit this site and see for yourself how much garbagge you will find on those sites….
    If you wish your corporate news being shown among PR spam , this is your choice…

    I got screwed by when I discovered I had paid and my story was among spam content…

  17. says

    Hi Ponn,

    This was a great value add! I am off to putting the press release for my new Office Gossip and Boss Appraisal site on these sites… Great Work!!!

    I’ll definitely share my feedback about these sites basically the response time and approval mechanism after posting.


  18. says

    Now I think I am even more confused now than when I started looking for a press release service to use for my job search engine. My intention was to start with but with all the other choices, some being low cost or free. What has been your recent experiences and which PR service do you use. Were the results very good, fair, bad? Thanks

  19. says

    I recently reviewed about 60 free press release distribution sites. I’ve been using many of these for years. I’ve found some of them to be quite effective and others, not worth the time that it takes to post.

    A few weeks back I decided to put together a list of the best free press release sites. Here are the 4 criteria I used for a site to be included on the list.

    1. The site must be free, but can offer additional services for a fee.

    2. The majority of the press releases published by the site must be indexed by Google News.

    3. The site must have a Google pagerank that is 4/10 or more

    5. The site must have an rank that is greater than 300,000

    I’ve been updating the list every week or two and would welcome suggestions for additional sites as long as they fit the 4 criteria I mentioned above. You can view the latest list online at:


  20. says

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