Part II – Appreciate that which you do have

How to get your partner from zero to hero in your business

 Part I – Start Within

In part I of this series, the emphasis was on the most crucial part of your relationship – you.


You understand that you own your power and you alone are responsible for your success in your business.


The next step in your journey to the shared success you desire is to take

stock of everything that you currently have. And, appreciate it.


It is basic human nature to be more aware and responsive to that which is missing or the things that are not going right.



So your chosen one does not get your business and has yet to be a willing participant in it. Are there ways right now that he is being supportive?


If he works and contributes to the household income, is that supportive or not supportive? If he makes sure the vehicles are serviced, clean and usable, is that supportive or not supportive? See where I’m going?


There may be many ways where your partner is simply doing what he presumes are his responsibilities, without fanfare or reward. Chances are that if he ceased doing what he does on a regular basis, you would not be in the space you currently are, and your life, not just your business, would take a new course. And, probably not one that you would prefer.


As I communicate with a lot of women in home businesses, I regularly here comments – especially from mothers – regarding the unfair ratio of responsibilities they have, and how they are not appreciated for it.


As a husband and a father, I know first hand how much a wife & mother does to care for home and family – and, how frequently they out themselves on a back burner.


I have learned to acknowledge what my wife does and how much I appreciate everything. Not because she is needy, or I feel the need to pacify her. Because I deeply and genuinely appreciate all that she does to keep our family flowing.


After all, if something really needs to be done, one of us is going to have to do it – and it will take one of us away from something else.


Can you imagine how you would feel if you received flowers and a card acknowledging and appreciating you and all that you do? Or a surprise hug & kiss, followed by a statement like “I really appreciate the difference you make in my life”?


It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?


Guess what? It feels pretty good for your man also. When was the last time you expressed appreciation to your other half for all that they contribute to your life currently?


It may feel like we’re getting a little paradoxical here. Ie: Men don’t always express their appreciation for things yet they love it when they receive it?


Basically, yes.


Although our emphasis is on gaining more support for your business, it really comes down to the dynamics of your relationship. And, we know how much fun the differences between men and women can be.


And herein lies your opportunity.


Simply start acknowledging & appreciating the things that your other half does do for you right now. Don’t think about what is missing or not right for you, just simply tune in to the things that are being done.


Appreciation is very empowering to a man. When a man receives appreciation and acknowledgment, he wants to do more.


And, this is where the shift starts to happen. It’s not about a stand-off, keeping score or pointing fingers. It is about you doing what you need to do to have the life, relationship and business that you desire.


In summary: Appreciating your partner for the things they do and the value they bring to your life will lead them to be willing to do more.


Mark Semple is a Certified Comprehensive Coach and the 2007 International Coach of the Year. Most importantly, Mark is the dedicated supporter of his wife in her business. For Mark’s insights on Success Together, visit:




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