Our Kindle Publishing Journey of Documentation Begins…

Keyword “documentation”. We have many purposes for this blog:

1. To serve as our  “brain” by documenting everything, we aim to create an online database with well-organized categories to, well…you guessed it: keep us organized.

2. To serve as our journal. Our log of chronological events for us to document our journey.

3. To serve as our motivational and accountability tool. By documenting things publicly, we’re motivated to reach our goals because we feel more accountable to ourselves and our readers.

In taking care of Purpose #1-#3, we aim

4. To serve You, our readers: other Kindle publishers and authors. By sharing our Lessons Learned (often learned the hard way) and Successful Strategies (often after much trial and error), together we can all develop a strong foundation for a sustainable online business model.

Want to join our journey? If so, please share your concerns, issues, goals, etc. in the Comments section below.

Note: We are NOT entering the Kindle publishing business for a get-rich-quick-scheme. We’re determined to build sustainable systems to create high-quality content in multiple bestselling book series. All our books to date are non-fiction children books; however, we will be trying various genres in the near future as well.

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