Online Press Releases – Better Than Pay Per Click Campaigns

Since my website/blog/server was just down for at least 5 hours…I’ll make this important post short and sweet!

Part III: Online Press Release versus Pay Per Click Campaigns

Listed below are the Top Reasons Why an Optimized Online Press Release (Specifically, one $200 press release) is Better Than A Pay Per Click Campaign, based on my research, case studies, etc.

Additional testimonials are welcomed in the comments below…and I’m sure this post will shock many of you…especially die-hard Pay Per Click Campaigners. No, I’ve never used, nor needed to Pay Per Click campaign. I know too many horror stories, and a bunch of success stories…but, given my (and my clients’) huge success with Our free $200 Press Release…you will never see on the sidebar of Sponsored Ads.

  • Online Press Releases results in the Natural Search Engine versus Sponsored Ads, which have better click through rates
  • Cheaper option, one-time $200 press release have been more effective than a consistent $200 Pay Per Click monthly campaign option
  • Faster, nearly immediate traffic affects from an Online Press Release rather than watch-and-wait Pay Per Click results
  • Long-lasting affect of one Online Press Releases lives forever on the web, while Pay Per Click Campaign is good only the day(s) you pay for, hence no long-term affect
  • Online Press Releases increase your website/blog Google PageRank, since it’s a static page with viral marketing affect, that Pay Per Click can NOT do at all!
  • Online Press Release can optimize your website/blog with anchor texts for link-backs of your personal choice…try that with Pay Per Click…oh, wait: You Can’t!
  • Online Press Release is a static page that you can link to on your website/blog creating a “conversational” and connect-the-dots between the producers and the end-user your targeted audience.
  • Online Press Release has a syndication RSS feed attached that you can distribute to others to publish, or put on your website/blog for others to publish…or even better: publishers “chose” to subscribe to your feed themselves. Wow…talk about targeted audience staying in touch with you! You better have great ad copy and landing page copy to create a fraction of this success with a Pay Per Click Campaign.
  • Online Press Release is an optimal communication tool with bloggers! Trackbacks allowing you to connect readers directly to your blog, other bloggers can connect to your blog or press release, and well…Trackbacks just rock! You’ll see where, who, and how often your online press release is picked up…of course with live links embedded, watch your search engine ranking go up baby! What’s Pay Per Click doing for you again???
  • Online Press Releases is optimized for social bookmarking sites, social media and networking is on fire baby! And, Online Press Releases allow you to get bookmarked, saved, shared and distributed to your community of friends and/or networks, such as delicious, digg, etc. Pay per what’s the other option?
  • Online Press Releases have detailed statistical packages that allow you to track and test keywords and phrases, titles, images, quotables, etc. therefore you can update and edit if it doesn’t meet your needs and/or expectations…yay, you can edit and update Pay Per Click campaigns to change a word or 2…all for what!? A one-time shot in traffic!?

NOT worth my efforts!

I very interested in your thoughts, comments, and opinions about this subject.

Part II: Utilizing Online Press Releases: Targeted Marketing

Part I: Press Releases: Online versus Offline

Where to send Press Releases Online? Here’s the Ultimate List, ranked by Google PageRank.


  1. Ponn says


    By far you are NOT a laaaaaaaaazy chick….FAR from it!

    Nonetheless, it does take tons of time to be done effectively and correctly!

  2. says

    Good post, I actually am doing a press release this week and hope to see first hand the benefits you spoke of. I hate PPC!!! But I guess you gotta do it until you get the organic right? :)

  3. Ponn says


    I’m glad you found this post helpful!

    If you have any questions re: Online Press Release, post away.

    You have the list where to post…but, did you get your free $200 press release? This post is specific to that price-tag in particular.

    As for starting out with PPC until organic search engines rank you–I’ve been fortunately never to be sandboxed by Google and have always gotten Search Engine ranking from day 1. That’s why when I moved over to WordPress, I ran my SEO Tips Marathon, and started seeing google search results immediately.

    Basically, I believe in starting out with basic SEO fundamentals and build your content accordingly, thereafter.

    I’m not sure where you are in your SEO and blog age, etc. The more details you share, the better I can asses your particular situation ;-)

  4. says

    Dear Ponn,

    I’ve just acquired my domain about 2 weeks ago and threw this site together, I had always had interest in starting a social community, especially after attending SMX Advanced in Seattle, I’m more of an old school SEO’r, building relevant links and on page SEO, however, all this social media stuff is new to me! I actually found your post through Digg, and i’m ashamed to say thats the first time i’ve ever used Digg!!

    As far as the free $200 press release I didn’t get that one, I have a person writing my release and I anticipate receiving it tomorrow ( hopefully!! ) I will definatley check it out, it caught my eye as I was reading the article. I had planned on using PRWeb as I have friends who have spoke of great success through them, hopefully I will see the same.

    I have been focusing on natural relevant link building, on page optimization and i’m trying to start in on the social media aspect. Other than that I know its going to be a little bit of a waiting game until the search engines see my backlinks and my domain gains age and trust. howeeeverrr… i was blessed with a GREAT domain name :)

    Thanks for your comments! I look forward to speaking with you again & soon!

  5. Ponn says


    You’re so funny :-) Well, all your answers are nicely tucked away in this one post with links to the previous posts for my Series on Online Press Releases.

    Sign-up for’s free $200 Press Release, right now, read my series, and once you’re done with that, I’m here to answer any more questions or make clarifications you need. For $200, this is’s Premier top-of-the-line press release package and you’ll learn just about everything you need to know…with the help of my posts (but of course) ;-)

    Well, girl! You’re in the right place chick-e-dee :-D

    1. When you get your press release, submit them to all the free sites on my Ultimate List.

    2. If you’re not in a rush, I’d recommend signing-up for the Free $200 press release, attend the webinar and see what adjustments you can make to the press release you get tomorrow. Then, it’ll be totally rockin’ and optimized for distribution to all the free sites.

    3. I totally believe in ‘old school’ SEO, please follow my ~15 SEO Tips Marathon, I actually did a dozen of these things within one-week on my re-launch of this site and saw Immediate traffic from google and yahoo!

    4. For link-backs, look at this post and link to me now! You’ll get at least 2 link-backs from this website/blog.

    5. And, social networking/media/bookmarking…ya gotta join my challenge like–now! We got a great gang of bookmarking buddies going!

    6. Here’s my #2 favorite place, 2nd to StumbleUpon:

    So, I definitely got your plate full for at least a few weeks! Glad you found me via digg….hee hee, see it does work!

    Now, be-friend me everywhere else now too, u hear!?

    Peace my dear.

  6. says


    I think online press releases are awesome they not only work for building inbound links to your site, they drive you some good traffic and get syndicated all over the place and if you’ve optimized it correctly, the press release it self can even get ranked for a popular search phrase. But pay per click traffic is more targeted and if you uses the right keywords, have proper tracking and optimize your landing page it could convert much more than a press release. A 200 dollar ppc(pay per click) budget is probably only enough to test a few different things, like variations in ad copy, different landing page changes, changes to your keyword settings (exact match, content match, phrase match).
    But again you have to pay to try all these variations out and if you are a small company or an individual then ppc might not be the way to go. PPC is good for instant traffic that can possibly convert into a sale.

  7. Ponn says

    Thanks buddy! You just gave me another PRO for my list: less time consuming ;-)

    “Exact match”…hmmm…shall we have a kick-off/contest/see who’s better? Online Press Release vs. PPC?

    Just kidding…totally kidding :-D

    Thanks for your detailed response, this is what I was hoping to get…a good objective comment…and then, agrees with me at the end…again, I’m joking =)


  8. says

    Hi All,

    I just put out a press release today and within minutes the headline impressions and the number of people who viewed was HUGE! I went to PRWEB and paid $90 but I didn’t attend the free webinar to see all the things I can do with it. I thought I had to pay $200 in order to fully take advantage of the webinars’ strategies.

  9. says

    Getting a press release can be a rather tedious job. But do you know it can get you significant traffic when it is being indexed by Google news? It is one of the way, SEO consultant helps webmasters to gain good traffic flow.

  10. says

    Ahh.. been looking for good views about PPC Marketing, I found only a few helpful and free info such as this one.. Thanks for sharing us this info, Creating good landing pages is one of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered… I don’t want to just create some junk pages ’cause I want to maximize my profits and finding good info like this really means a lot..

    Thanks a bunch, will also add this to our web copy resource list..



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