Online Business 30-Day Productivity Challenge by Connie Regan Green

The girls and I just had a blast checking out the Way Back Machine to see the developments of all our sites. It started out by seeing where evolved for the past 12 years…yeah, I’ve been online in the double digits.

So I digress…

Anyways, this JuJu has been working really hard on this site. Here’s some of our progress:

  • Moved here and let the url go
  • Moved my very first and largest blog archives to here
  • Made a homepage to highlight all the different business associated with me of Ponn International – without sounding biased, I’m so impressed with JuJu’s design. This one site I gave her the least direction for the design and she totally wow’ed me!

So, what finally prompted me to make this huge shift you may ask?

Connie Regan Green’s 30-Day Productivity Challenge30-Day Productivity Challenge by Connie Regan Green!

The girls and I have known about her challenges the past 2 years, but always remembered mid-way through the month and always said, “well, do it next year.”

Well, I’m glad our calendars meshed well this year, because Connie announced that this will be her last 30-Day Productivity Challenge.

So, my advice: come on and jump it! It’s not even half-way through our month yet…and, just commit to doing 2 days of lessons each day and you’ll still catch up before the month ends.

So, I was determined to follow-through and make little tweaks…or, in this case a BIG one!

I’m still evolving over here, and I’ll be sharing my whole rebranding process as the days go by.

Advantages to Participating in a Productivity Challenge

  • Changing your online business habits is achievable when you commit to making little changes every day
  • Following an accomplished mentor to lead you to do profitable tasks for your long-term success
  • Networking with new participants in the challenge to meet potential partners, JVs, or just new online buddies
  • Help build traffic to your online businesses through your networking efforts
  • Serves as a forum filled with accountability partners and motivators to get the job done!
  • Opportunity to push your limits by causing you to explore new publicity options and develop new skills

This blogpost is actually a lesson for Day 11 – tracking back to another blogpost. Even if this wasn’t a task, I would’ve blogged about it because I have a lot of respect for Connie and have advanced my business in many ways by following her advice and recommendations.

You can too! So, join me, especially if you never heard of Connie before. You never know, every little task may push you to achieve big goals–like I did in resurrecting my oldest and dearest website: Ponn Sabra!

So, are you ready to take the challenge? Let me know how I can empower you to take the next step!



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