Know that Everything You Do In Life Matters!

Everything you do in life matters, a teacher -

If we live our life knowing that “everything you do in life matters“, then it should be quite easy to Find Your Passion, Life Your Purpose!

This is not just something we should tell our kids, but it’s something we desperately need to embrace to be the royle model our kids deserve to have.

We just can’t “think” ‘everything you do in life matters'; we need to KNOW that ‘everything you do in life matters’.

So, I challenge you today with a simple exercise:

Spend one-hour with your kids have this short, upbeat, exciting discussion:

IF you know that “everything you do in life matters”, what would you do for the remainder of this hour? Can we do something together to make it more fun? Share your thoughts on this issue, and what you’d want to do. Brainstorm activities together. Do NOT brainstorm ideas in which you’re influencing your child, such as “I think you should do X” or “I’d be nice if you did Y” or “I wish you’d consider doing Z”.

This exercise needs to be fun, and the only way to do it, is if you take all pressures away so you may maintain an open-mind and more importantly an open-heart to find out exactly what you AND your child could and should do with your hour if “everything you do in life matters”!

Communicate the feeling of freedom to be free–free of pressure, freedom from judgement, freedom to allow ourselves to make a difference in this world NOW!

Don’t drag on the discussion. Keep the discussion no longer than 10 minutes.

If you need ideas for activities, try these

Brainstorming Activities to Spark Your Hour of Freedom

  • Start walking around the house. Gain inspiration from the objects surrounding you. Discuss any activities inspired by what you see, hear or touch.
  • Look in drawers typically left closed for “special occasions”–challenge the notion that “special occasions should occur every day”. IF you don’t have to wait for “special day/event” what would you do with the contents. For example, we have a drawer of holiday decorations and themed papergoods and with each passing holiday, we still have this overflowing drawer of goodies. Challenge yourself to use some of this stuff during your hour!
  • Explore old mementos, photo albums, scrapbooks, souvenirs. Look at the past and see what you can do in the present, right now!
  • Stop keeping odds and ends arts & crafts material, or board games for that “rainy day”, make this hour your finally-its-here “rainy day”!
  • Step outside, explore the sounds and scents right outside your home. What activity sparks your interest?

Now, I have an hour set for later today…it’s so early, no one is up except JuJu right now. Please share your experiences with your Hour of Freedom. I simply can’t wait to hear what you did or achieved!

I, myself, am curious as to what will occur in our home today. I’ll keep you posted–as long as you keep me posted below. ;-)

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