Just Write And Publish!

Stop reading emails…actually stop reading kindle publishing ebooks, programs, and attending webinars.

The #1 way my girls and I have learned the most is to

  1. Write – Research – Write, Write – We put research within this step, because we’ve lost tons of time just “researching” too. Yes, you can research too much…especially if its taking you away from WRITING!
  2. Review our editor’s notes
  3. Work with our illustrator and/or book cover designer
  4. Format
  5. Publish – Make it Live!
  6. Promote – TIP: Outsource some (or a lot!). This phase includes but not limited to writing your book description, Networking, Reviewing other author’s kindles, blogging, social media, testing & tracking, email blasts, personal emails and calls to family and friends, EDUCATION (more on this later). As you can see, this is a huge step. And, yes this should take 80% of our time and 20%. However, IF you don’t do #1 and #8, you’ll have nothing to PROMOTE. So, until you have enough books making you the target income, then you need to do more of #1 and #8.
  7. REPEAT. Critical step: Go BACK to Number 1.

Research Should Supplement Your Writing, Not Hinder It!

We have some major goals set for the next 4-weeks. So, #1 and #8 are our top priorities. Promotion & Publicity can be done any time of the day and week.

However, it takes FOCUS, determination, blocked-time management skills, fortitude, discipline, will, strategic action (not just planning), and a bunch of other more difficult characteristics to make you stand out of the crowd as a profitable and successful bestselling author.

In all honesty, ALL of our kindles still remains on multiple bestselling lists–but, our income is definitely not reflexive of a bestselling author title.

Yes, we’re having a blast!

We actually do LOVE Step #1…and yes, we CAN try more lucrative niches if we really want to make the big-bucks, but we’re really prioritizing our passion to write, learn and SERVE our readers.

Yes, we’re in sub-sub-niches. And, we’re writing books that we KNOW parents and kids NEED, but clearly are not looking, desiring or wanting them. So, rather than give up…we KNOW we must write more!

We must increase our visibility, not by the marketing; but by writing more books in each series. To make bigger, more impact in the numbers.

We know that we have to work harder in #7…but, it’s better to Promote Hard when we have MORE to promote.

So, it’s time to Write, Write, Write!

I’m really writing this blogpost to benefit my girls and I. I want us to refer to this often.

TIPS to self: When in doubt, Write! When we’re blessed with “free time”, Write! When we’re SO overwhelmed by the other steps, just WRITE!

We’ve learned that having an Editor is good, because it tells us, our revision is Final. We accept or reject her edits, and move on to the next step. Many times, writers stay writers and never authors, simply because perfectionism prevents them from submitting something to an editor, or allowing oneself to graduate to the Publish stage.

Of all our books, only once we went back to the Editor twice. This was because of formatting issues, and rather than assume our typesetting (yes, we’ve re-typed entire books before) is acceptable, a second pair of eyes is more time-efficient. Also, JuJu let perfectionism slide in, and changed and amended the story a bit.

Don’t Let Educating Yourself Stop You From Publishing

We learned that getting on a roll, rocks! We went through each step one-right-after-another…then, we got stuck in “Educating ourselves”, which I purposefully put in the Promotion Stage.

Why? Because “learning more ways to research, write, format, promote, etc.” never really taught my girls Ho-To Write and Publish and Repeat. It just motivated and encouraged us too…but, if you’re already a writer (like we are), it can easily distract you.

The authors recommend and remind us…but, the only the good kindle publishing teachers say “Do It!”

The very best kindle publishing teachers or coaches are constantly writing and publishing kindle books! So, their actions are motivating, encouraging and setting an example that We Should Be Doing It Too!

So, stop thinking you need to read buying everything kindle related…I’ve bought so much, I actually have a virtual shelf of books to read just on kindle writing and publishing.

TIPS to self: (1) Do not buy another kindle writing or publishing ebook or product until all the others are finished and you applied at least one lesson learned.  (2) Do not read until another book or product until you your daily writing and publishing goal! Better yet, don’t read until you finish your weekly writing and publishing goal.

It’s always on us, at the end. So, yes–just like Researching too much can take you on tangents away from writing, Learning too much can take you away from publishing.

Why? Because reading too much causes you to start doubting your own abilities to write and publish! You can easily get disappointed and overwhelmed because you think you have to try something new or different. You question, “what if I don’t do X, Y or Z?” The doubt continues to creep in.

So, STOP reading and just hit the button and PUBLISH already!

You’ll learn your mistakes. We sure have.

Regarding Bad Reviews

We got bad-reviews from formatting and editing issues, we replied graciously. 1 person changed her 2-stars to 5-stars, and changed her entire review! Another person completely took her review down and hers was only a 4-star! The others, we learned from, and move on to Steps #1.

Stop being a Perfectionist! It prevents you from Publishing…and, ONLY until you publish will you actually get paid.

The beauty of Kindle publishing is that you can upload a new version. Yes, the first 1-star gave me anxiety the whole 12-hours from the time of upload to Kindle publishing making it live…and that was such a waste of time and energy!

The Goal of 12

Our goal is to have at least 12 kindles PUBLISHED by the end of June. Ideally, we’d love 15,

We have 6 published already, so we’re half-way and 5-more weeks for our first quarter.

Why 12?

Since we put all our kindles in KDP Select, every 90-days we can run a new 5-day free promotional campaign. If we can get 12 kindles published in our first quarter, we’ll have a stock of books to put 1 promo up each week. Circulating our books, because the burst in sales are always highest after the free promotional period.

We did publish and run a promo 4-weeks in a row (that great rockin’ roll I was talking about earlier), then fell down to only 2 in May, so we have to make up for lost time.

Fortunately, we have

1. One is with our editor. Goal: Write instructions for our illustrator tomorrow, publish next week.

2. One is waiting for its book cover, already formatted,  but this is the one JuJu will send to the editor for a second time. Goal: email editor tomorrow, publish this week.

3.  I have one last run-through for my co-authored book with GiGi. Goal: finish tomorrow, give to editor tomorrow, format afterwards.

4. JoJo is more than half-way through with her book. I’ll work with her to finish, with a Goal to send to our editor by end of week.

5. GiGi is half way through with her next book. But, its a very time consuming one, so our goal is to send this to the editor next week.

6. JuJu started her next book. Goal: finish this week, send to editor by end of week.

The cool news is that all 6 of those CAN be done in the next 1-2 weeks, giving us time to get the ideal 3-other books I want done.

(1) Book 2 to JoJo’s cool book above. (2) Poetic Puns Book 2, and (3) STEMBots Book 3. The latter two, while tons of fun, takes tons of creative energy from me. But, hopefully if and when I CAN tackle those 2 projects, maybe all the joy of reaching our immediate goal of publishing 6 more kindles in this upcoming month is accomplished, my mind will be free to enjoy the creative moments necessary to finish our big goal.

So, what are you WRITING and PUBLISHING today!? Please share your projects below. It’d be awesome to keep each other accountable!





  1. says

    Wow, you guys are ambitious! Do you mind sharing who you have found for a good editor and who you have found for a good cover designer? Also, do you format your books for amazon.com, or outsource this? What types of marketing/promos do you outsource?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • admin says

      Hi Amanda!
      1. I have my Editor since 2010, I’ll ask if she’s taking clients for you, as she has a part-time gig just with all my stuff. ;-) Please share your genre, as I know this matters.
      2. My daughter made all our covers. However, we just used freestyle25 on fiverr and SO impressed by her work http://fiverr.com/freestyle25/create-an-ebook-cover Please tell her jugijoma referred you, if you decide to use her. ;-)
      3. We own 3 different software programs (all paid) for formatting, but we’ve formatted every single book only with Kinstant, fast easy, however there are some tricks, so read FAQ and tips http://americanmuslimmom.com/kinstant (affiliate link)
      4. I outsource Tim on fiverr, I know him professionally as a highly successful kindle author, publisher and Internet Marketer and trust his work. He always overdelivers with bonuses http://fiverr.com/timmybx/list-and-promote-your-kdp-kindle-ebook-free-day-promo-to-15-kindle-related-websites please tell him I referred you. He knows me as Ponn ;-)
      I’ll be sharing all the publicity tips and further details above as time passes, but I wanted to address your immediate issues. But, if you want me to expand right now, let me know which topic is most pressing for you now.

      • Amanda L Grossman says

        Hello again!

        Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond so thoroughly to my questions.

        My genre is non-fiction, personal finance. I will definitely tell them that you referred me if I end up using the people links you gave.


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