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One of the author facebook group members brought this up today, and since the moderator who we respect very much recommended that we all get it, I did. After all, it’s FREE. While I obviously haven’t read it yet, it’s only 35-pages and there’s no optin…Yes, a real Free “Download”!

I’ve been taking time with our descriptions, even though there were some changes last week–all changes I greatly prefer because I think some authors were really abusing their html-codes and making absolutely tacky highly unprofessional formatting issues.

While they no longer allow image files, which we used for tracking purposes, I believe Amazon is about to release some tracking tools of their own in the near future, because of course–they WANT to make more sales just like us, and having good analytical tools is necessary.

So, grab a copy of this free book today. If you get to read and review it before me, please do, share your thought in the comments below!



  1. says

    I saw this a couple of days after you posted and managed to get a free copy. Thank you for sharing. I’m always on the lookout to find tips to make my book listings more attractive to potential readers :)

    • admin says

      Glad you got it! We haven’t read it in detail, although its a ~40 pages, but we have 2-4 books to publish next week, so I’ll be reading/applying then. Any eureka moments you can share?

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