How to get your partner from zero to hero in your business

Part III – Make it appealing

In part II of this series, we defined the importance of coming from a place of appreciation for that which your other half does contribute to your life and your business.
Growing your business essentially has one core activity: To attract people. Whether it is to experience your products / services, or to join your organization, you are interacting with people and the image you present will be crucial to your success.

The first thing that people will notice is you. Your energy, your persona, and your passion for what you are doing. If you are clearly enjoying the space you are in, others will want to feel the same way, and will be attracted to learning from you.

It is pretty obvious that you must present yourself and your business as described above to actually stay in business. How do you present it on the home front?

Your home is that special place where you can be yourself. You can have some downtime, some ‘you’ time and simply enjoy just being in your space. You don’t have to be dressed up, made up or have your business face on all the time.

And, that is perfectly okay. Nobody likes to be working all the time, no matter how much you love what you do.

Be careful how you represent your business when you are home. Remember that your intention is to gain the support of your significant other in your business. It must be appealing to him as well.

A friend of mine once said “Your first sale must be made at home.” How true that is.

Just as in all other aspects of life, there will be some times when things don’t go as well as you would like for them to. If you come home after a long evening at a show that did not go very well, and you vent & share all your frustrations with your partner, what message is he hearing?

There are 2 significant things. One is that the most important person in his life is not in a good space, and he will assume the Mr. Fixit role, offering well-intentioned advice that is exactly what you don’t want to hear. The second is that this business stuff is clearly not very much fun. And, although he wants to see you in a happy space, his desire to be a part of your business has diminished.

This doesn’t mean that you have to pretend that you’re not feeling the way that you do. That is not being authentic, and is not being in your power. It is an opportunity to look beyond the current experience, and tap into your vision of the future that awaits you.

You can share the facts about your evening with your other half, just be careful to frame them in a positive way and ensure that your overall passion for your venture is clearly apparent.

You’ve heard that song “Girls just want to have fun”? Well, guess what? So do guys. If you really want to gain – and keep – a man’s interest in well, anything, it must be interesting and it must be fun.

Any time he spends with you in your business is precious time together and can be an opportunity to enjoy together. After all, it is all about ‘us’. What can you do to ensure any time you spend together has that ‘us’ experience?

As you look at it from this perspective, it becomes apparent that it is not really about your business at all. It is more about your relationship and the quality time that you spend together.

When your husband realizes that being with you in your business is as much fun as being with you overall, supporting you and participating in your venture will be so much more appealing to him.

In summary: Remember always that your partner will see & hear that which you convey. Present the image of your business that you want him to see – and that you are having fun doing it.
Mark Semple is a Certified Comprehensive Coach and the 2007 International Coach of the Year. Most importantly, Mark is the dedicated supporter of his wife in her business. For Mark’s insights on gaining the support of your partner, and on Success Together, visit:


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