5 Steps to Create a Local Media List in One Day

While you’re running errands around time you can make a local media list in 5 easy steps.

When you’re finished we’ll show you how to use your media list to position yourself as a local media expert.

1. Let’s start by getting gas.
Rather than pay at the pump, pay inside today.

At the door, on the door, and by the door; pick up all the freebie newspapers, newsletters, fliers, etc. available to you.

2. Make a pit-stop at the library.

  • Pick up all the freebies as you walk in, check out the community bulletin boards, and head to the newspaper section.
  • Grab all the local periodicals (newspapers, magazines, trade newsletters, and most importantly, the business weekly or monthly).
  • Find a nice big table and spread them all out.
  • Search for the Editors’ contact information (primarily his/her email address). Try to find their circulation or readership, and if they have a website.
  • The public library is typically a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and local media associations. Partner up with the librarians, as they are more than happy to make professional and personal recommendations to particular Editors, etc. They even have access to local calendar of events that they may not have time to post on the bulletin boards that you already searched upon entering the library.

3. Continue with your normal daily errands.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to spot free media outlets throughout your day. The hot-spots are grocery stores, pharmacies, mom & pop shops, and medical and business offices.

4. Time to head home.

  • Collect all the papers and start compiling your Editor’s list again.
  • Head to your computer and make a quick online search.You may find an online local newspaper, blog, newsgroup, etc. that should definitely be on your local media contact list.

And, now you have your very own Local Media List!

We’ve always believed in quality over quantity, so if at the end of your day’s trip you have less than a dozen media contacts, personalize your local press releases to the individual editor’s name and try to build quality life-long relationships!

5. Continue to add to your Local Media List.
The key is to always keep it current.

Always update it when emails bounce-back, when new staff turns-over, new media outlets pop up around town.

Now, what to you pitch the local media about?

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