Google Adsense’s Top Competitor MediaJump QuickLinks Is Ready to Take On Huge Market Share by Debuting a Unique Grassroots Online Campaign

MediaJump Quick LinksCan Google Adsense be Knocked Out of 1st Place in Contextual LinkMarketing?! I think so…

Ready to Apply? Click Here Right Now!

With great joy and excitement, I’m ready to share the news of the week…actually the news of the year!

So, what has been keeping me hush-hush all week?

I’ve been working behind the scenes with MediaJump Quick Links, Search Partner with QuickLinks, as we Partner to bring to You the Best Online Affiliate Program the web has yet to see!

Ready for this? I’m putting everything on the line here! I’m ready to draw havoc, controversy, curiosity! I want the Online Buzzzz to burn up the wires of my network because I want every visitor to read and sign-up, refer this to others, and make this post goes Viral–Baby!

I believe MediaJump QuickLinks has positioned itself to be a Top Contender for the #1 position in Contextual Link Advertising! With the various customization options, the ability to choose one’s own targeted keywords and keyword phrases, excellent personalized customer service, and unique profit-sharing affiliate program MediaJump QuickLinks is focusing on the Web Publisher and the Ultimate End User: You–the Web Visitor, rather than selfishly promoting itself as the Advertiser.

However, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what this is? There are several ways to set it up where it is out of the way and most people don’t realize they are ads. Its great information resource. Here’s an “obvious” sample:

Already making TONS of money with Google Adsense!?

Great! You can potentially double (if not more) your online profits, because you can run MediaJump QuickLinks, *and* web publishers *are* making equal or greater profits with MediaJump QuickLinks without losing profits from Google Adsense! [Case study, available upon request]

So, here are the juicy details:


MediaJump QuickLinks is dynamically generated content showing related search terms from content tags, keywords are updated automatically from across a network of advertisers to increase relevancy; which can be displayed alongside Google Adsense.

By displaying the “Related Search” anchor text keyword links, You are seen as a Resource Leader, Helper, Guide, Advisor, Mentor, who is giving Your Readers the information that They want to read, learn more, etc. You get to pick your own keywords and phrases that best match Your website/blog’s demographics and You cater to Their needs!

Here are just a few of the Top Features I believe positions MediaJump QuickLinks as a great complement and/or alternative to Google Adsense are:

  • Keyword and Keyword Phrase Selection (not content driven), [Hey, with targeted anchor text, I’m guessing, it has to help search engine rankings some…in my humble non-technie opinion ;-)]
  • MediaJump QuickLinks can be seen by the web reader as a Helpful Resource “Powered by” rather than an obvious Advertisement “Ads by Google”,
  • Complete Customization of the Related Search design and format, such as
    • The number of links to display (from 2 to 30+),
    • Title of “Related Search” can be edited to fit the content of your webpage, such as “More Resources”, “Topics of Interest”, etc.,
    • Horizontal or vertical link display, and
    • Colors, and much more.
  • Links open up to another page which has proven to receive better click through rates,
  • Excellent personalized customer service, in which every single website owner/blogger will be personally reviewed, and
  • Incredible affiliate program, in which the Publisher has the option of becoming a Partner who simply displays the Related Links, or may chose to become a Reseller who recruits Publisher/Partners underneath them; while gaining a share of each Partner’s monthly profits (a percentage taken from MediaJump, not the Partners or Resellers’ profits).
  • I’m told it’s ‘easy-to-implement’, since I introduced Amanda to this program, she’s taking care of all the cool details for me ;-) [Yay, it’s not that pretty right now, but we’re working on it…for a great example of how “pretty” it can be, see Amanda’s site, the right-hand column, right below an ad, is “More Information”.]

Join this Grassroots Viral Marketing Campaign Right Now!


The Killer, Hands-Down, Best-Recurring Revenue-Sharing Program on the Web is: MediaJump QuickLinks Partner Program! [Yeah, I just made up that little line…like it!? I do too ;-) ]

By applying here, you have two choices:

1. You could become a Partner, who publishes the MediaJump QuickLinks, and I get a share of your recurring monthly profits (from MediaJump’s end, not yous), OR

2. You could become a Reseller, must have 50,000 impressions per month, to publish MediaJump QuickLinks, and recruit Publishers underneath you, which you can gain recurring monthly profits (also from MediaJump’s end, not yours).

* Pay out: minimum $250 per month.

* Payment method: Electronic Fund Transfer (but, they’re looking into right now…I had to give them a bit of a plug for us home-based entrepreneurs ;-) )


Apply Right Now! Must have predominantly U.S., U.K., and European-based traffic.


To make more money of course!


I explained all the details above silly ;-)


Amanda and I are ready to answer the best we can…ask, share, and comment below!

And staff at MediaJump Internet Technology and Media logo Press Release, Yahoo News Page.


  1. Admin says

    Gayla Woo Hoo! SOOOO psyched sweetie!

    It took longer to get up…2 of my 3 girls are sick with allergic reaction yesterday; but with some cool meds, we’re rockin’ both at home and and now online too baby!

    Let’s rock grl :-D

  2. says

    The link doesn’t seem to have affiliate tracking because they are asking who referred me.

    Would you believe my blog is probably only just able to claim the 50,000 monthly impressions. It will be interesting how this integrates.

    Then again I don’t currently buy any traffic, and I have a very good target audience for the service.

  3. says

    It does have tracking, but as an added precaution, they like to have you insert the referrers name. That way they’re certain YOU know who is referring you. It’s kind of a double opt in if you will.

  4. Admin says

    I’m Back!
    Urgh! Whenever something “new” goes live, things get messy…while I can see via “email-moderation” all your comments, I couldn’t get in to make comments. Thanks SO much Gayla for answering everyone’s questions above!


    We’re working on our own “related searches” color theme integration…Amanda’s site is a great, pretty example…check that now. We updated the links in the text above.

    Andy Thanks for “watching” my back. Yes, as Gayla shared, its a “double-check” to ask the question. But, it is an affiliate link.

    Sully Thanks for stopping by, even though you couldn’t see much.

    More to come…Ask Related Searches can only improve over time! Be patient and help spread the word!

  5. says

    The powered by link should be a referral link too, and doesn’t seem to be.

    The block on doesn’t have a powered by link, so it is optional, but I have heard that AuctionAds gained a huge amount of growth due to those affiliate links in the bottom of ad units.

    It will be interesting what is possible, especially with things like tag pages.

  6. Admin says


    I can’t agree with you more about the “powered by link”, I just informed MediaJump of the wonderful discussions shared on this post thusfar, so they can approach some answers or advise me how to answer.

    Yes, we’re working on my horizontal post-level tag-like “related searches” right now. We’ve come to learn that this template is not CSS/html-customization-friendly…and we’re (Amanda) is working desperately hard.

    I’m busy promoting the program across the web…that my fingers can’t keep up with my dizzy mind!

  7. says

    Ponn and every one else. I generally use (and abuse) my blog trying out new programs. I am currently trying to push some limits with Kontera ads as many of you have noticed. Would it be against ASK TOS to serve Kontera ads on the same pgaes?

    The idea does sound good.

    Does any one know if Mahalo is offering monetization yet? :) just being sarcastic

  8. says

    I placed the ads up however the can be fully customized

    On my site I hated the way it looked and emailed them and they hardcoded it for me so if any of you are having problems with your coding just talk to them and they will be happy to help you!

  9. Admin says

    You SO rock! And the integration into your site is simply invisible…”More information” that’s a great title. Any news you can share with our readers since you’ve had your codes up for a couple of days now!?

    I just sent over your question to MediaJump; but my gut says “yes”, because it’s typical that Google Adsense is the stickler on things. And, as long as there is clear differentiation that Ads by Google remain Ads by Google, they are Okay with it.

    Since I put both Google Adsense and Kontera up when Google said it was “Okay”…I figure (in my humble opinion) that Kontera should be ‘cool’ with Ask Related Search.

    I, too, tried and took off Kontera…I found it more obtrusive for my readers, and after 3 months didn’t see the returns I’d hope for; yet received more questions about “why” do I have them up. I have one colleague who has a huge website/forum site and she makes good money off of Kontera…as for blogs, I’m curious to find more case studies or success stories.

    For example, what’s your experience, thus far?

  10. says


    I am not too happy with Kontera on the blog. They do perform well on forums. I will not continue with Kontera on my blog.

  11. Admin says


    FYI, I kept Kontera up for a full-quarter, so give it time. Also the earthy-colors didn’t mesh well with my colors…as the bright blue sticking out right now for the Ask Related Search. Fortunately, we can work on this code…we can’t with Kontera.

    BTW, thanks for sharing this great question right now! Because, I’m using my monthly press release just for this launch, ready to did the press after midnight. Anyways, I updated the press release to show that we can run Ask Related Search with Google Adsense *and* Kontera.

    My newest best pals from MediaJump just informed me that they will be available ALL weekend…so, keep coming my dears, sign-up and help spread the news :-D

  12. Admin says

    What’s the percentage of your audience are Aussies? Because if you have a good following (it just has to be primarily in English) in the U.S. and European countries, they may also be available.

    I know MediaJump has an Australian product available (not specifically Ask Related Search), that may interest you. Just drop them a line and I’ll see how they want me to approach your specific interest (as well as my other Australian readers), Okay!?

    And, keep us posted with any discoveries!

    Keep your chin up girl…something this fabulous can’t stay in the U.S. and U.K. alone for long ;-)

  13. says


    I have just received an e-mail saying that I was approved, so I went ahead and placed the code on my blog. I can’t however find any reporting in my account. I also can’t located “recruiting” tools of which you write in this article.

  14. Admin says

    Great to have you a board.
    I, myself, don’t know where the reporting of my account is, that’s the next thing I have to ask.
    As for the “recruiting” tools, it’s not automatic. You must follow-up with the individual rep who approved you, sign an agreement as a reseller, then they give you an optin page, like mine (remember not everyone (yet) can be a reseller, that’s why this aspect is not “automatic”). Who’s your rep? I’ll see what I can find out…
    ~ P

  15. Admin says

    Vlad & Everyone
    RE: Reporting
    “The reporting will be live on Monday and can be accessed via the login details that you use to get the related search code. We only activate the online reporting once people have confirmed that have put the code live on their website. As we don’t currently receive reports at the weekend if people put it live on the Friday we wait until Monday to activate the reports.

    You will be able to see data up until the day before as we do not have live revenue reports, they arrive about 2pm BST each day for the day before.”

  16. Admin says


    It took me a complete 7 days to digest everything…but, now that its live, I’m trying to encourage everyone to sign-up *now* because the sooner you do, you get to be affiliates at the ground-level, help promote the program and build a great residual income by doing so at the same time!

    And, undoubtedly–This IS Awesome!

  17. Admin says

    Thanks for taking my “gentle” advise ;-)
    Enjoy your research…you’re sure to be pleased! Keep me posted, K?

  18. says

    Hi every one.

    I still can not access reports. It’s Monday and it’s way past 2pm BST. The code was on my website for about two days now.

  19. Admin says

    Great minds think alike. I was down to my last few emails, and that was my next one…we should get an answer soon. Thanks!

  20. says

    Wow grats. I’d like to apply to join but I don’t have UK traffic (i dont think) or UK based domain. But good luck with it. Again, grats!!

  21. Admin says

    Jenny–my dear
    You may not have the stats to become a reseller right now, but definitely to publish the ads on your site. So, sign up now girly :-D

  22. Admin says

    The reports can be accessed via the same login as you have to generate the JavaScript. It is an option of the menu bar which were just activated.

  23. Admin says

    I’m fielding questions via personal emails too, and this answer is worth sharing with everyone!

    “We send people through to and their advertising network includes their global advertisers in addition to Google’s network of advertisers. Our product is unique, but the advertisers are the same on and Google.”

    The question was asked, because “what if” there aren’t a lot of advertisers…then, our profits as a publisher would potentially be less, and “search”-ability options for the end-user would be less.

    Well, that fear is gone! Yippe!! I’m telling you this *totally* rocks!

  24. says

    Sounds interesting. Google have had a monopoly on paid search for too long and it’s about time somebody else came up with a more user friendly, customisable system. Certainly sounds like a bit of a coup signing for you Ponn. $250 minimum a month sounds very tempting.

    Ive given it a Digg.

  25. Admin says

    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully you’ll stick around, cash in on some of our great free gifts, offers, etc. and become an active part of our community!

    YOU are SO hysterical :-D
    Yes, $250 residual a month (minimum) is extremely appealing! Thanks for the Digg!

  26. says

    Hi Ponn,

    I’ve got my links up. :)

    Question – and it may seem a bit stupid, when you say 50000 “impressions” what are you referring to? Page views or hits…I’ve heard people refer to it as both before. Just want to be clear. THX

  27. Admin says

    Way to go girl! So, I guess you liked what you “digested” ;-)
    Page impressions = Page Views.
    My pleasure dear!

  28. says

    I’m a fairly new subscriber, but on your advice, I applied and have been accepted by MediaJump, on the basic level, since I’m only at 5000 VPM with my women’s life & book review blogs. I just received the email from MediaJump this morning, about implementation, and there’s a lot in there I don’t understand, but I’ll try to process and get it up and running in the next 48 hours — exciting!

    I have been blogging for several years, but I’ve enjoyed only meager earnings from some direct advertising and, when they were paying $1/referral.

    I never got anywhere with AdSense, and finally took most of it off my site after getting so frustrated with all the inappropriate advertising, geared toward a completely different market for ‘Housewives’…if you know what I mean!

    I am low-techie, which is an improvement from a *non*-techie, where I was stuck for a while, so I’m an old dog, learning new tricks!! (Not that old, really, but relatively speaking…still a Hot Mama!)

    I’ll check back later tonight and work on it — I’m off on Camp Mommy for the day…Sherri

  29. Admin says

    As always you give me a chuckle each time we talk/comment/email!

    If you need help getting it on your site, please post and Amanda will surely guide you–because this non-techie, can’t/couldn’t/okay…didn’t even try to do it ;-)

    Talk about meager earnings…the best way I make affiliate sales is to promote only what I use and run a detailed review, then promote/seek out referrals…namely most of my success is via information products and online services which I can’t live/work as an internet marketer without.

    And, you just reminded me why my 3-week old post about my “Top Tools” still *needs* to be written and posted. Thanks chickie!

    Interestingly, I saw *much* more regular and consistent success with Adsense prior to my move to WordPress…my guess is I cater now to a highly-educated internet marketer/online entrepreneur who knows they are “ads” and purposely does not click on those links, so I took them off at 3.5 months.

    Hmmm…dare I say I’m “low-tech” vs. “non-tech”…I do know basic html, and know enough to ask what I want and how I want it, meaning I “know” the systems and their process, just I don’t know ‘how-to’…nor does my time allow me to venture into a field, I really do not want to focus on…

    Yes, I understand your ‘old wives’ tale’…I, too, am willing and able to learn new tricks regardless of age…and still one Hot Mama at the same time. So, keep strutin’ Sherri!

    Camp Mommy hasn’t started yet…and I’m barely done with emails and comments…let alone posting. URGH!

    “See” you tonight, possibly…

  30. says

    Thanks for the information, I’ll be following MediaJump to see if they truly offer a valuable alternative to AdSense. YPN has been a huge disappointment while several others aren’t all what they say that they are. We need an AdSense alternative!

  31. says

    I’m thinking of joining them since you have mention that you can run this along with Adsense.

    BTW, how much are you making money with them?


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