FREE Promo: STEMBots Book 2: Everyday Is Earth Day!

Emmy and Ott - Everyday Is Earth Day - Book Cover

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Presently, on free promo from today until Monday, May 27th, this is the 2nd book in our Emmy and Ott The STEMBots book series.

Designed for kids ages 3 -8 years old. This educational, fun, easy to read rhyming story introduces two new characters in the series:

G – Green Garbage Girl and Mr. 4R – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rethink.

These two characters were designed to resemble in personality, mannerism, built and attitudes of my almost-73 year old Daddy or Papa to the girls, and my youngest daughter days away from her 10th birthday.

The cover is totally them! Daddy taught just about everything she knows about gardening and love living a green life…yes, even climbing trees! Can you believe it Daddy still climbs many and many feet in the air to cut his own tree tops still!

My sister, to this day, still calls my youngest “Monkey” because she’s always climbing trees too.

This book is authored by myself and all 3 girls, aka The Sabra Sisters.

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