Find Your Passion, Live Your Purpose – Exercise for Entrepreneurial Moms and Kids

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch a fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. -

Empowering You means I’m helping you become a stronger, more confident person, so you can take control of your life. I’m enabling you to take action.

This is the general understanding of what “to empower” means, which derives from the legal use of the term “giving someone the official authority or power to do something”.

Now, based on the above definition, I love empowering people, especially anyone distressed or  disadvantage, particularly women and children, the sick and less unfortunate, and more recently, the elderly.

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of empowering people to reach a better place.

I’ve always lived true to the Chinese proverb:

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch a fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

It makes complete utter common sense (at least to me), that we should stop listening and helping; and listen and help others to help themselves.

Because, what if I’m not available next time to simply help you? What if there’s no one else but you–period?

I’ve always choose the investment in time and energy at the beginning to ‘teach and empower’  someone to do something, rather then simply ‘teach’ someone something…because, quite frankly you end up helping and helping and ultimately doing it for them.

As I look at the words I just typed (because my brain thinks a lot faster than I can type, write, or even talk)–a thought just popped in my head: Ponn, you’re so selfish, you’re just thinking about not being there next time!

And, well…putting that surprising thought into account, I replied to myself with, “Yes, yes I am…and more people should do the same!”

Here’s why:

People become complacent, people encourage complacency, and we ultimately become a complacent nation simply doing things for others!

We need to take time to the root cause of the problem, solve and work out way through that problem together, until that person knows how to solve it him/herself. We need more empowerment. Everyone, including me.

Helping others in necessary, but Helping others help themselves in mandatory!

This is what “empowerment” is about!

It’s not just educating or teaching’s empowering others with the skills, abilities,  and self-confidence that they can achieve that one thing–and many more great things–with; and more importantly, without you.

Society has become complacent, because people haven’t thought far enough in the future.

Society is too lazy now. We just listen, do, listen, help, listen, act, listen, react.

It’s so robotic and mechanical. Unless you’re empowering someone to achieve the next level, then you’re time spent “teaching” is worthless most of the time.

Now, one area which I find truly empowering is helping others find their true, deepest passions, their “true calling”, “golden gift”, their “special ticket” to true happiness.

I’ve been passionate about helping others achieve peace of mind, and true happiness; because it’s the healthy, happy thing to do.

I live vibrantly, I wake up determined or go to sleep peaceful and satisfied. And, I want this for all the people I know…all of mankind really…yeah, I still have my rosy-pink glassy on after all these years.

So, I sit here now a bit perplexed…is THIS passion MY purpose?

  • Am I living my passion, or am I living my purpose?
  • Does Passion and Purpose have to meet in order to be truly happy?
  • Does having Passion define our Purpose, or does our Purpose define our Passion?
  • Which one has more negative consequences: Living our Passion, or Living our Purpose?
  • Does any of this matter?

Since I live my life based on my faith, I believe this all matters…it matters a lot!

Living life without Passion or Purpose, is living life aimlessly, and with little worth for yourself, your family, and ultimately with no destination to a higher place.

This has been a major topic in my home for the past few years, as I help my girls find their passion and make sure they live life with purpose.

So, I’m entering this journey WITH my girls, hopefully my sister in law [who I am so utterly proud of because she’s graduating with a Masters in Public Health [like me ;-)] this weekend, but she entered grad school while being married to my baby bro (and, yes–he lives up to his “baby” position still), giving birth and raising my beloved nephew and niece, and working full-time…so, I digress….]

Most importantly, God willing, with YOU!

I already have over 3-weeks’ of daily exercises to Finding Your Passion and Defining Your Purpose in life.

Blended together, I’m determined to blend your passion and purpose into your next entrepreneurial endeavor; or, your next career move (in the case of my sister in law…so, my digression wasn’t that far off after all). :-)

We all must make a living to provide for ourselves and our families–and work-life business as a mom is a hard juggling act. So, why not enter this passion and purpose seeking journey with us, ALONG with your kids!?

My girls are 10, 12 and 13 years old and are homeschooled. My nephew is 7 in traditional school and niece is 4 years old at home. So, age is not the issue, nor how you choose to school your kids. What matters in commitment.

Commitment not to give up. Determination not to be complacent nor encourage complacency.

So, did I empower you to take this journey with us? If so, please share why. What are your concerns? What do you want to change? How old are your kids and why do you feel helping them find their passion and define their purpose is so important in life? Please share your detailed thoughts below.



  1. Jillian P says

    Love this post, I also think it’s important to teach someone to fish, rather than just hand it over on a plate.
    But the opposite is responsibility. Just my opinion of course, but it seems too many people will NOT take responsibility for themselves. They expect life to be handed to them giving nothing in return.
    You can only empower those people who are willing to work for their power too.

    PS love the gorgeous site design :-)

  2. says

    Thanks Jillian.
    I can NOT agree with you more! Self-righteousness totally annoys (nice light-word) me!

    PS Thanks. My resident designer (my 14 yo daughter just gets better and better with every new site she works on. Proud mommy for sure ;-) )

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