LinkBait Experiment: Calling all women entrepreneurs and mom bloggers

Link to Women Entrepreneurs Blog for LinkS-back, free gifts, prizes and more! As you know Amanda is helping us monetize and optimize our site; and, her post that I just noticed really hit home! It reminded me that I was supposed to research and write about LinkBaiting for Marco's Group Writing Project (yikes, due today :-/ ). Izzy of IzzyMom and … [Read more...]

Want Targeted Marketing? Use Online Press Releases

Utilizing Online Press Releases Part II: Targeting My Ideal Reader! Part I: The Difference between Online (Consumer-Focused) and Offline (Producer-Focused) Press Releases. Want to reach your target market/reader/subscriber right now? Bloggers *must* add online press releases to their internet marketing arsenal now! Online Press … [Read more...]

Press Releases – Offline versus Online Distribution

Disclosure: Okay, so the flowcharts' resolution didn't come up as pretty as possible. Just "click" on the image itself, and their regular-size will pop up! Also, read my Blue Notes for the obvious differences. I'm *so* psyched I got them up! Enjoy! Inspired by John's Drawings, I decided to give my own image-flowchart a whirl. Please be honest with … [Read more...]

Press Release Distribution Service – The Ultimate List

After what seemed like endless hours of research to organize, format and outline this list...only to find that once I was ready to post, another new service came to my attention...and, then another. Listed by Google PageRank. Well, that's it! It's time to post this list. I know I'll be adding and updating this list as we go, I'd love your … [Read more...] FREE $200 Press Release Offer FAQs

START here to claim your $200 FREE Press Release. Key word "START". This is the fourth post, to follow the entire offer and sharing testimonials to the process. Please note: We are having such an AWESOME response! So, I really do not know how long this will last. We had no idea the great response we'd receive. So, my advice is sign-up … [Read more...]