Women’s Media Summit by WECAI Network – 5 Free Tickets to Giveaway!

Want to be known? Want media coverage? Want Publicity? Want PR (public relations) leads, tips, tools, resources & more!? Register for the Women's Media Summit - The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event Today! A four-day event is jammed-pack with TONS of great Public Relations (PR) and Media Marketing Experts to help … [Read more...]

Want FREE Publicity? Seeking PRWeb.com/EmpowerWomenNow.com Case Studies & Testimonials!

Woo Hoo! Like Wow! I'm SO proud of T (Teresa), me, Us! As I was dropping little BIG notes that my PRWeb.com Partnership is coming to an end on Sept. 30th... Teresa Morrow is 1 of my highly-capable Virtual Assistants, Online Publicity/Public Relations/PR, Online Networking Assistant--Online Prima Connector (as she cutely came up with ;-) ) [She's … [Read more...]

Are You Missing Out in Some Extra Personalized Empowerment Tips & Specials?

I have but a quick sec. since I'm in transit right now. But, here: 1. If you are not signed-up for my "Empower ME Now Tips" eNewsletter AKA "eBranding eTips", you best sign-up now! I give 1-2 personalized emails (ezines each month) with an unique articles filled with personal and biz empowerment tips & most importantly Special to help you as … [Read more...]

Online Press Releases – Better Than Pay Per Click Campaigns

Since my website/blog/server was just down for at least 5 hours...I'll make this important post short and sweet! Part III: Online Press Release versus Pay Per Click Campaigns Listed below are the Top Reasons Why an Optimized Online Press Release (Specifically, one $200 PRWeb.com press release) is Better Than A Pay Per Click Campaign, based on my … [Read more...]