FREE $200 Press Release Offer FAQs

START here to claim your $200 FREE Press Release. Key word "START". This is the fourth post, to follow the entire offer and sharing testimonials to the process. Please note: We are having such an AWESOME response! So, I really do not know how long this will last. We had no idea the great response we'd receive. So, my advice is sign-up … [Read more...] Free Webinar–Your Ticket for a Free $200 Press Release (Please share your experience)'s Free Webinar is Your Ticket to a FREE $200 Press Release! To Get Your Free $200 Press Release click here! THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE According to's explanation, the Free Webinar will provide you with: ...the basics of how PRWeb works, press release tips, and show how easy the submission process truly is. We … [Read more...]

Get Your $200 Press Release for Free–The Update

To Get Your Free $200 Press Release click here!    OFFER NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I will not re-address anything in the previous post, so if you want the Rule/Directions click the link above. Although my previous post listed numerous posts specific to Online Public Relations(PR)/Press Release distribution centers, and placing as … [Read more...]

Your $200 PRWeb Press Release is Waiting For You…Find Out How To Claim It

OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Updated July 2007: Numerous follow-up posts are updated below. But, if you're new to Online Press Release Distribution, start here: Part I: Press Releases: Offline (News media) versus Online (Internet, Search Engine Optimization) Part II: Want to Target Your Ideal Reader/Client? Use Online Press Releases. Part … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization/SEO for Online Women Entrepreneurs Part 15

Search Engine Optimization/SEO for Online Women Entrepreneurs Part 15: Image Optimizations. While I just learned how-to put images here on WordPress blog late last week...this is a perfect way to traffic to our blogs...not just because people have a 'pretty visual' to look at within a post; but people actually search the web for images! Like dah! … [Read more...]