Online Press Releases – Better Than Pay Per Click Campaigns

Since my website/blog/server was just down for at least 5 hours...I'll make this important post short and sweet! Part III: Online Press Release versus Pay Per Click Campaigns Listed below are the Top Reasons Why an Optimized Online Press Release (Specifically, one $200 press release) is Better Than A Pay Per Click Campaign, based on my … [Read more...]

Google Adsense’s Top Competitor MediaJump QuickLinks Is Ready to Take On Huge Market Share by Debuting a Unique Grassroots Online Campaign

Can Google Adsense be Knocked Out of 1st Place in Contextual LinkMarketing?! I think so... Ready to Apply? Click Here Right Now! With great joy and excitement, I'm ready to share the news of the week...actually the news of the year! So, what has been keeping me hush-hush all week? I've been working behind the scenes with MediaJump Quick Links, … [Read more...]

Want Targeted Marketing? Use Online Press Releases

Utilizing Online Press Releases Part II: Targeting My Ideal Reader! Part I: The Difference between Online (Consumer-Focused) and Offline (Producer-Focused) Press Releases. Want to reach your target market/reader/subscriber right now? Bloggers *must* add online press releases to their internet marketing arsenal now! Online Press … [Read more...]

The Must-Have WordPress Plugins for More Traffic, a More Active Community, and Make More Money

Fortunately, my recent post "My Plugins, Your Plugins, Let's Find the Best Plugins Together" got some GREAT feedback from my affiliate marketing colleagues, conversational marketing buddies, and networking expert bloggers who have far greater traffic statistics, RSS feed subscribers, search engine rankings, and make much more money online than I … [Read more...]

Article Submission Made Simple

Article Submission is *never* easy, but simple? Yes! As one of my self-assigned projects, I'm researching Article Submission Sites Services. versus or versus Who won? By a land-slide: Major tip: Use your blog URL not your homepage (if different than you blog's URL) like I was … [Read more...]