27. Empowering Women Column accepted!

Update: February 15, 2007. No debut to report...soon, though. I'll keep you posted. Empowering women entreprenurs in Toledo--right to their door step. Yes, it's official! They got my picture, have a line-up of articles and my "Empowering Women" column will debut this Sunday, February 11, 2007. Toledo Free Press has a distribution of 180,000, and … [Read more...]

25. Monday Motivation Challenge

Let's get to work dears! It's easier when we're working side-by-side. So, I set my goal and made my wager with Wendy at EMomsatHome Blog, read more here. So, what do you have to do today? Tags: Women entrepreneur, Boomer women, Women's empowerment entrepreneur, Empower women, Motivation … [Read more...]