Are You Missing Out in Some Extra Personalized Empowerment Tips & Specials?

I have but a quick sec. since I'm in transit right now. But, here: 1. If you are not signed-up for my "Empower ME Now Tips" eNewsletter AKA "eBranding eTips", you best sign-up now! I give 1-2 personalized emails (ezines each month) with an unique articles filled with personal and biz empowerment tips & most importantly Special to help you as … [Read more...]

Podcast #1: Interview with Yaro Starak of Blog Mastermind

Big News! After our recording Yaro and I worked out a "Ponn's Special" so You can get in to Blog Mastermind Mentoring for *only* $47/month (present price $77/month) for the next 24-hours only; click here for details! Yippee! Here's my very 1st Podcast Show Numero-Uno--and well...listen to me biased, but it Rocks! :-P [display_podcast] To … [Read more...]

Get Your “Ponn’s Special”! Get into Blog Mastermind Mentoring for $47!

Yes! You read it right! Being Yaro Starak's #1 Fan is really starting to help you and I out quite a bit these days--Huh!? If you haven't listened to it yet--you better run over and dedicate a good one-hour to listen to Yaro and My Free tips, tools, and recommendations through our debut Podcast today! Undoubtedly, I'm "seeing" a … [Read more...]