Designing your own website

If there is one thing that defines the age we live in, it is technology. We are simply inundated with it. Whether you love it or hate it, your business is going to involve technology. One of the first strategies is a presence on the internet. Whether a blog, landing page or website, you must have some representation on the web. And, there are … [Read more...] – Make your own flash website or blog for free!

Please welcome Allon Bloch, co-CEO of Wix - a free online software that allows you to make your own flash website, blog, MySpace and more!Supposedly, it's incredibly-simple to use. U know how non-techie I am. While I really want to give it a whirl, "test" it out, and report back to you...something better brewed ov'r yonder. Since time and energy … [Read more...]

Choosing a website that works for you.

I couldn't leave this siggy for the end: Win a free website package for you or your small business! Ephective Hosting is giving away a five page website, 12 months of web hosting, and 12 months of domain registration. It is free to enter and free to win. The free website contest ends May 31st. No purchase necessary. See … [Read more...]