Friday Freebies, Tips & More! Deadlines apply ;-)

Urghhh...just getting back our internet is well, exhausting! So, here are some quick links & things to remind, introduce, or hare with you this very busy Friday for us all (while happily cleaning out my Inbox ;-) ): 1. Last day to apply for FREE 3-months of business coaching with The Women Entrepreneurs' Coach. Value $1050. Three 45-minute … [Read more...]

Fulfill Your Goals by Creating Incentives or Consequences

“It All Comes Down to Cat Food” I have an old friend whom is a very successful Real Estate Agent in Utah. In just one year he sold 112 homes!! But, truth be told, he didn’t start off that great. When he first started he didn’t have any luck listing many clients even though he’s a super friendly guy. He didn’t know what he was doing … [Read more...]

Podcast #1: Interview with Yaro Starak of Blog Mastermind

Big News! After our recording Yaro and I worked out a "Ponn's Special" so You can get in to Blog Mastermind Mentoring for *only* $47/month (present price $77/month) for the next 24-hours only; click here for details! Yippee! Here's my very 1st Podcast Show Numero-Uno--and well...listen to me biased, but it Rocks! :-P [display_podcast] To … [Read more...]

ePay Review

ePay account - A one stop solution for online money transfer. Big Bonus: It's free to open your own ePay account today! From the page: Single account for personal, business and merchant solutions Accept EPAY on your website (easy integration, trusted HYIPs friendly) Debit and credit cards Send money to anyone with email Multiple and … [Read more...]

Top Internet Tools Women Entrepreneurs can use for their home based businesses

Phew! Another un-published post saved for a raining day...I've been in doctors' appointments Mon-Wed...I'm wiped. Trying to get back online; but physically not well enough... Finally I'm going to share the Top Internet Tools that We Use here at - As a long over-due to my Essential Toolbox list I shared at Char's Essential … [Read more...]