The Entrepreneurs’ Technology Hang-over

Am I the only one who’s ever felt it? All you entrepreneurs spend ALL DAY in front of a computer screen. Writing, typing, programming, THINKING. By the time you walk away from it, you’ve got what I call a Technology Hang-over. Your eyes are blood shot, your head aches, and your neck is likely stiff. Does this sound familiar? In this day of … [Read more...]

Designing your own website

If there is one thing that defines the age we live in, it is technology. We are simply inundated with it. Whether you love it or hate it, your business is going to involve technology. One of the first strategies is a presence on the internet. Whether a blog, landing page or website, you must have some representation on the web. And, there are … [Read more...]

When the storm strikes: home office preparedness

Here I am running off the gasoline in my generator. A nasty storm came through that left thousands, including us, without power. It made me thankful that I was prepared – are you? Can a bad storm or other glitch in your service take your business down? Following are some things to think about: Are your desktop PC’s or servers on a battery … [Read more...]

Home alone: the isolation of working from home

One of the comments on my last post sparked an idea for this one: it is LONELY working from home. Those of you with small children still at home probably have no idea what I’m talking about. You would welcome a few hours of silence, or even the ability to go to the bathroom alone. For those of us without kids running around all the time (mine are … [Read more...]

Part II – Appreciate that which you do have

How to get your partner from zero to hero in your business  Part I - Start Within In part I of this series, the emphasis was on the most crucial part of your relationship – you.   You understand that you own your power and you alone are responsible for your success in your business.   The next step in your journey to the shared success you … [Read more...]