The Only Two Things Customers Buy…

There are two questions customer ask before buying a product or service: Will this (insert your product or service her) make my life better? Will buying this product solve my problem? If you can show how your product, (or service) can answer one or both of these questions, you’ve tackled the hardest part of selling. Aren’t you silently asking … [Read more...]

How I Earned $5381.77 in 1 Month of Blogging!

This is a guest post written by Amanda Harris of the Pajama Mommy Community Now I wrote a post previously on this website about how I earned various amounts which you can always reference. However, everyone month I've been making a little more. I did a great jump and I hope November will prove even more prosperous for me. However I am to tell you … [Read more...]

Thank You. Can You Please Help?

Life took a wicked turn the past few months... Thank you for all your loving concern, comments, prayers, kind wishes, and MANY personal and professional phone calls. The vast number of calls alone prohibits me from returning any Many of them... I'm sorry that I can not be more personal in my explanations, or personal replies to phone calls, … [Read more...]

Girls Who Network Designed to Make $100K Women Entrepreneurs in Year 1

SideNote: PLEASE pray for Heather, her 2 children, and ALL her neighbors & friends, struggling in Orange and San Diego Counties as the face the devastating fires and were forced to evacuate last night. God Speed my dear Heather! You're in our prayers! Calling all ambitious women entrepreneurs! Are you making $100,000 a year yet? Do you want … [Read more...]

Juggling the True Values of Home Office Entrepreneurialism

Please welcome Julie Lenzer Kirk, Author, The ParentPreneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business(John Wiley & Sons), Speaker, Consultant. Julie and I share way too many similarities as women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, author, speakers & consultants! After a truly empowering power networking chat, I asked her … [Read more...]