Wix.com – Make your own flash website or blog for free!

Please welcome Allon Bloch, co-CEO of Wix - a free online software that allows you to make your own flash website, blog, MySpace and more!Supposedly, it's incredibly-simple to use. U know how non-techie I am. While I really want to give it a whirl, "test" it out, and report back to you...something better brewed ov'r yonder. Since time and energy … [Read more...]

Home alone: the isolation of working from home

One of the comments on my last post sparked an idea for this one: it is LONELY working from home. Those of you with small children still at home probably have no idea what I’m talking about. You would welcome a few hours of silence, or even the ability to go to the bathroom alone. For those of us without kids running around all the time (mine are … [Read more...]

docstoc positioned to be the largest repository for professional documents

Kathrien Ahn, Community Manager at docstoc first reached out to us to see if we’d feature their innovative software that "provide bloggers with the ability to embed any document (word, pdf). Then, they announced some really exciting news. So, I thought it'd be great if we ran a quick interview with Kathrien so she can to share their news … [Read more...]

Top challenges of a home office and how to beat them

We've all enjoyed Julie's previous posts here & here, and its with great pleasure that I introduce her as a regular contributor to "Home Office" as her primary area of expertise with us...though she can speak with much authority on all aspects of entrepreneurialism (especially being Parentpreneurs) ;-) I value her tips and experience and always … [Read more...]