Introducing Women Business Owners Digest – Get Free Access & Share Your Feedback

Please welcome Margie Zable Fisher, President of Zable Fisher Public Relations as she introduces her new publication, Women Business Owners Digest. You may also find Margie on  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.To make this offer available as quickly as possible, we posted the information, subscribed to receive our first edition, but have not yet … [Read more...]

SHINE: The New Entrepreneurial Model That’s Changing the World. Pre-view call.

If you haven't already, there's still time to sign up for a groundbreaking preview call hosted by Ali Brown coming up TODAY, *Wednesday, July 29*. It's called "Shine: The New Entrepreneurial Model That's Changing the World" If you haven't heard of Ali, get ready to have your world changed forever. This dynamic woman is leading the way … [Read more...]

The Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon – 2 free copies to give away

Before you make another complaint to a boss, coworker, spouse or friend I encourage you to pick up a copy of Jon Gordon’s “The No Complaining Rule”. It’s been awhile since I’ve completed a book that has left me so challenged to evaluate the negativity that can float around in my own thoughts and then fly right out of my mouth without being … [Read more...]

The Chic Entrepreneur by Elizabeth Gordon – Virtual Book Tour Last day

Please welcome Elizabeth Gordon, author of "The Chic Entrepreneur - Put Your Business in Higher Heels" with Leanna Adams, on the last day of her virtual book tour. Here's a couple of the stops she made on her way throughout the blogosphere: a guest post and detailed interview. Life has been beyond hectic these days--with my biggest and newest … [Read more...]

When the storm strikes: home office preparedness

Here I am running off the gasoline in my generator. A nasty storm came through that left thousands, including us, without power. It made me thankful that I was prepared – are you? Can a bad storm or other glitch in your service take your business down? Following are some things to think about: Are your desktop PC’s or servers on a battery … [Read more...]