Learn How to Become Unabashedly Feminine in 10-weeks. Berkeley, California

Dear colleague and friend Julie Daley of UnabashedlyFemale.com will be hosting a new 10-week course called, The Art of Being Unabashedly Female. From the page: un·a·bashed (?n’?-b?sht’) adj. 1. Not disconcerted or embarrassed; poised. 2. Not concealed or disguised; obvious: unabashedly female! The Art of being Unabashedly Female is about being … [Read more...]

The Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon – 2 free copies to give away

Before you make another complaint to a boss, coworker, spouse or friend I encourage you to pick up a copy of Jon Gordon’s “The No Complaining Rule”. It’s been awhile since I’ve completed a book that has left me so challenged to evaluate the negativity that can float around in my own thoughts and then fly right out of my mouth without being … [Read more...]

docstoc positioned to be the largest repository for professional documents

Kathrien Ahn, Community Manager at docstoc first reached out to us to see if we’d feature their innovative software that "provide bloggers with the ability to embed any document (word, pdf). Then, they announced some really exciting news. So, I thought it'd be great if we ran a quick interview with Kathrien so she can to share their news … [Read more...]

The Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner’s Internet Branding Line-up

Hi all. Yes, I'm peeping and poppin' around ever-so-slowly throughout the blogosphere...gathering more strength with every new day. Luv U All for your patience, understanding, love, support, prayers, gifts and well wishes! With much anticipation & exhaustion...I'll be on a plane for much needed travels and proud to introduce a full week's … [Read more...]