Tapped Fairy Godmother to StartUpPrincess.com

Come check me out, as StartUpPrincess.com shares my profile as one of their newest Fairy Godmothers. Interestingly, Wendy Piersall released her wings today too. StartUpPrincess's tagline: "Make a Wish, Make it Happen!" We don't make "wishes" per-se at my house and we're a family of 3 princess, 1 Queen (me) and our King...because we "Make Things … [Read more...]

eMoms at Home Guest Blogger

Yeah, that's me: debuting my Top 10 Mom Entrepreneur Empowerment Tips over at eMomsatHome. I just answered her Shout Out, sent her my best, and there I am. I'm so glad she liked it. Quick e-networking tips: I gave her convenience (I replied once I saw her post), I gave her options (There's something she's bound to like), I gave her my best … [Read more...]

13. The most beautiful things…

As W.E. (women entrepreneurs) rush around in our daily lives; how often do we notice the most beautiful things in this world? Who defines what are the most beautiful things in this world anyways? Mom always said "Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder"...oh, so true. Then, last night I shared a wonderful cry with my aunt. We shared some new … [Read more...]

The Meaning of “Ponn”

Excited, anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed are just a few of my feelings right now as I post my very first blog entry. Those who know me would say this is normal or the very hyperactive Ponn. You will see that I openly refer myself to "Psycho Ponn". It's a good-thing I assure you. As I look at the date below, I noticed that I am 32 years and … [Read more...]