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Your Book Monopoly by Rachel Rofe

Who wouldn't want their own legal Book Monopoly? We sure do! Our friend, Rachel Rofe is a highly-respected bestselling kindle author/publisher and one of the sweetest Internet marketers you can ever have the pleasure of meeting online! We're so proud to support her special launch today: Your Book Monopoly for $9.95 (affiliate link). While, we were … [Read more...]

Just Write And Publish!

Stop reading emails...actually stop reading kindle publishing ebooks, programs, and attending webinars. The #1 way my girls and I have learned the most is to Write - Research - Write, Write - We put research within this step, because we've lost tons of time just "researching" too. Yes, you can research too much...especially if its taking you … [Read more...]

How To Sell More Books with Awesome Amazon Descriptions Ebook FREE Today Only!


One of the author facebook group members brought this up today, and since the moderator who we respect very much recommended that we all get it, I did. After all, it's FREE. While I obviously haven't read it yet, it's only 35-pages and there's no optin...Yes, a real Free "Download"! I've been taking time with our descriptions, even though there … [Read more...]