Business Blogging the Underachiever Way

Okay…so, I’m a Newbie to this whole World Wide Web stuff. But, we all have to start somewhere, and I’m proud to be here.

I love listening to teleseminars and internet talk radio while working on my site. They give me ideas to jot down on my “to do” list & just keep me awake since I get my work done when the girls are in bed.

Anyways, I was listening to Ed Dale & Frank Kern interview Thomas Pierce yesterday about blogging, and I literally stopped what I was doing. I ran a search for “women entrepreneurs” at and the numbers were great (meaning my target market reads blogs). Then, I jumped onto to see if my non-techie abilities can really set-up a blog in 5-minutes.

I obviously did. It took me awhile to figure out the hello software so I can download my picture and smile back at ya. Nonetheless, I’m here blogging. Woo Hoo.

Ed & Frank are online marketing genuises! I’ve learned so much from their ezine & teleseminars. They recommended this great Free keyword tool .

Okay. Enough about them.

My immediate goal as a new online women entrepreneur, is to learn more about Business Blogging. I just found a Business Blogging expert Debbie Weil, through of course. I read this great post on Business Blogging at the Marketing Defined Blog, published by Roseanne van Langenberg . I signed-up for Free teleseminar The Basics of Business Blogging and why every business should have a blog this Wed, Feb 9th at noon Central. I really hope they tape it becuase one never knows where I’ll be during the middle of the day. As fate would have it…another MD appt.

That’s enough lessons for tonight. Later ;-)


  1. Roseanne van Langenberg says

    The netiquette and copyright laws of the Blogoshphere require that you give the appropriate credit to the URL you refer to in a post – and whilst I love to see my articles used to their fullest, it is disappointing that Debbie Weil gets the credit for a post on my Blog. To avoid a copyright lawsuit, what you need to do is point out that “I read this great post on Business Blogging at the Marketing Defined Blog, published by Roseanne van Langenberg) and then point to the URL or trackback URL of my post which you have referenced. Also pointing your readers to download a manual from my website is a “bandwidth” infringement – ie. you are pointing to a free download off my website, therefore if anyone downloads that PDF from my website on your referral you are guilty of stealing my bandwith which I pay my webhost good money for each month.
    You need to fix this by doing an edit on your post and pointing out that you read this article on Business Blogging at the Marketing Defined Post, and give me credit for same … also please download the manual and then upload it to your server, and point your readers to download directly from your server or domain … otherwise kindly remove reference to the free manual available from my site and the applicable URL.
    Poon as you are new to this, I will leave this comment as advice to you, if you are found to be in violation of leeching bandwith from another Publisher’s website, you can face serious litigation for it … do take care girl.
    Wish you well in your marketing efforts.
    Roseanne van Langenberg

  2. Roseanne van Langenberg says


    As you have decided to ignore my previous civilized request to you, I am formally asking you to please remove all references to downloading Debbie Weil’s Manual, whilst pointing to a link on my website … and if you are not prepared to abide by common netiquette when “borrowing” another publisher’s posts, I will refer you to the copyright notice on my site one more time ..

    This is not a good way to start your publishing career, and my comments are here for the www. to see … certainly not good publicity for you.

    Trusting you will do the right thing.

    Best wishes

  3. Roseanne van Langenberg says

    Thank you Ponn

    No harm done, well not much:-)… but it is better to learn these lessons sooner than later .. and if I show you the bandwidth I lost from downloads of Debbie’s manual I know did not come directly from my Posts, I think you will understand the point.

    .. I recommend you delete my comments from your blog … as it will not help your credibility, and I would not like to be personally responsible for stifling your growth online.

    - wishing you well in your marketing efforts ..

    yours in success


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