Stop Talking Like A Girl…

at least, when it comes to business. Here's a new way for women entrepreneurs to re-think small-talk...or girl-talk for that matter: Conversational Capitalism is something women entrepreneurs desparately need to master. Kristen Osolind of RE:Invention Consulting says it plainly and clearly. Small-talk and girl-talk is necessary to build … [Read more...]

Business Blogging the Underachiever Way, I'm a Newbie to this whole World Wide Web stuff. But, we all have to start somewhere, and I'm proud to be here. I love listening to teleseminars and internet talk radio while working on my site. They give me ideas to jot down on my "to do" list & just keep me awake since I get my work done when the girls are in bed. Anyways, I was … [Read more...]

The Meaning of “Ponn”

Excited, anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed are just a few of my feelings right now as I post my very first blog entry. Those who know me would say this is normal or the very hyperactive Ponn. You will see that I openly refer myself to "Psycho Ponn". It's a good-thing I assure you. As I look at the date below, I noticed that I am 32 years and … [Read more...]