Use Your Local Media List To Position Yourself as a Local Expert

After you build a local media list, here’s what to do next to position yourself as an expert. Ponn Sabra successfully turned this strategy into multiple media coverage locally and nationally, and was asked to become a newspaper business columnist. A colleague successfully implemented this strategy to build quality local media contacts as … [Read more...]

Introducing Women Business Owners Digest – Get Free Access & Share Your Feedback

Please welcome Margie Zable Fisher, President of Zable Fisher Public Relations as she introduces her new publication, Women Business Owners Digest. You may also find Margie on  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.To make this offer available as quickly as possible, we posted the information, subscribed to receive our first edition, but have not yet … [Read more...] – Your Social Networking Virtual Assistant

Thanks goes to Holly of Woman Tribune for introducing me to Coming back online and having to juggle the many duties of an online publisher and internet marketer, any tool to help you work more effectively and efficiently is very important.Thanks to Zeke Camusio of The Outsourcing Company for this great summary of the benefits of using … [Read more...]