The Entrepreneurs’ Technology Hang-over

Am I the only one who’s ever felt it? All you entrepreneurs spend ALL DAY in front of a computer screen. Writing, typing, programming, THINKING. By the time you walk away from it, you’ve got what I call a Technology Hang-over. Your eyes are blood shot, your head aches, and your neck is likely stiff. Does this sound familiar? In this day of … [Read more...]

When the storm strikes: home office preparedness

Here I am running off the gasoline in my generator. A nasty storm came through that left thousands, including us, without power. It made me thankful that I was prepared – are you? Can a bad storm or other glitch in your service take your business down? Following are some things to think about: Are your desktop PC’s or servers on a battery … [Read more...]

Home alone: the isolation of working from home

One of the comments on my last post sparked an idea for this one: it is LONELY working from home. Those of you with small children still at home probably have no idea what I’m talking about. You would welcome a few hours of silence, or even the ability to go to the bathroom alone. For those of us without kids running around all the time (mine are … [Read more...]

Top challenges of a home office and how to beat them

We've all enjoyed Julie's previous posts here & here, and its with great pleasure that I introduce her as a regular contributor to "Home Office" as her primary area of expertise with us...though she can speak with much authority on all aspects of entrepreneurialism (especially being Parentpreneurs) ;-) I value her tips and experience and always … [Read more...]