Amazon Search Tool – MerchantWords – Free Beta Sign Up Now

We’ve already seen this tool hit our emailbox and kindle author groups a few times today, so we signed up now that the Beta phase is free.

MerchantWords – Free during beta, you’ll receive:

  • 20M Amazon keywords
  • Includes search volume
  • Download as CSV
  • Fast, friendly support

Public pricing will come in time, but getting in now secures an “unbelievably great lifetime discount”, as shared in their FAQ. They also share that data is updated monthly and how they collect the data:

We have a sample set of folks who have agreed to let us log their search terms in the browser when they shop online. We scrub/anonymize the data so we don’t record any personal details.

We also visit pages on just in the same way Google does to build their index. Doing this gives us a measure of the popularity of different search terms from Amazon’s point of view.

We correlate these two sets of data, and estimate whether or not keywords should be considered High, Medium or Low. This is then published to

They are extremely interested in Beta testers’ feedback, as this one tool should be just the beginning of other ecommerce tools they hope to launch soon.

While it’s free, it doesn’t hurt to join, right? Now, if you’re one of the fast, eager early adapters, please do share your experiences below, as this tool has great potential for all kindle publishers.

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