Spell my name wrong, I don’t care, just pronounce it right: “pawn”, like the chess piece!

My friend used to play on regional and national chess tournaments told me “One thing I’ve learned in chess and in real life is that don’t take a “pawn” for granted as she has the ability to become a “queen” in the late game. :-)”

I replied “Precisely why no one should take me for granted!” :-D If you’re laughing with me, stick around. If not, leave, I have no room in my life for humorless deadbeats (seriously)! :-P

In short, this blog is about my life as a Doer, simply because “I always get the job done!” Whether it’s in my role as wife, homeschool mommy, author, digital publisher, blogger, or multi-hyphenate, I’m always  “getting the job done” beyond mediocrity, because I only strive for excellence. I work with passion, exuberance, resourcefulness, ingenuinty, creatively and even a bit of crazy neurosis. I laugh a lot and cry a bunch because I have an unending amount of energy, which  makes for a joyous and entertaining ride of passion, productivity, and frank-honest truth.

At the age of 25 with her Masters in Public Health, Ponn Sabra became the youngest appointed public health official in the United States. She starting touring the country to present and publish her two theses: (1) the importance of professional networking and mentoring, and (2) preventive Maternal Child Health policies and advocacy.

Although her career was practically set for life, Ponn left her high-profile position to travel the country and world when her first child was born in 2000. Through her travels, Ponn became a sought freelance researcher and writer.  Ponn also helped her husband grow two multimillion dollar companies in Imports & Exports and manufacturering.

Following her mom’s footsteps, Ponn became a top-producing foreclosure and short sales expert and real estate agent enjoying the flexibility of a working mom of three. She averaged over 50 closings per year, when the average agent closed only 9 deals per year. PonnSabra.com became Ponn’s first site to market the family business when her husband became her buyer’s agent and partner.

Everything came to a halt after a life-changing car accident in 2004. While in bed, she wrote “Empowering Women to Power Network” (PublishAmerica). Coming online to market this book EmpowerWomenNow.com was born. Ponn successfully launched her Amazon bestseller campaign on its release day in July 2005. Diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, Ponn quickly feel in love the convenience of running a profitable, mobile online business.

Known for empowering women entrepreneurs, Ponn became Entrepreneur magazine’s networking columnist for their debut Women Entrepreneur site in 2006-2007. Through the years, Ponn has been featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets, and works with brands such as CNN, PBS, Chevy, Buick, Hasbro, Disney, and Quaker Oats.

When asked, Ponn’s greatest passion is being a homemaker to her beloved hubby, and homeschooling their three tween daughters, JuJu (13 yo), GiGi (12 yo) and JoJo (10 yo). The transition from empowering women entrepreneurs to girl entrepreneurs happened when Ponn started mom blogging in 2009, and starting hiring her girls as virtual assistants and designers. Ultimately, they became her most trusted and beloved business partners. Her girls became bestselling kindle authors to over two-dozen books in 2013, and known fondly as the Sabra Sisters.
They’re know for being Kids Helping Kids Love Learning in the Digital Age.

PonnSabra.com is now the hub for helping home based women, mom, and girl (female) entrepreneurs profit from their passions.

Professional mentoring and Maternal, Child Health has come full circle for Ponn over the past 19 years–as she never forgets to empower female entrepreneurs to incorporate health and fitness in all their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ponn shares how to grow an online business based on one’s passion to help others through blogging, digital publishing, and creating products and services that her audience desires.

Ponn loves cooking, reading, and living a simple, frugal, more natural, and green life. The Sabra’s love everything in the outdoors; from BBQs to mountain hiking, horses to gardening, or just watching clouds or playing in the snow or beach. There’s never a dull moment with the Sabra’s. ;-)

Ready to Take this Entrepreneurial Journey Together?

Ponn promises to share Lessons Learned (often the hard way), Successful Strategies (after much trial and error), and maybe a laugh or two. :-)

Ponn loves developing long-term relationships with like-minded women, mom and girl entrepreneurs especially when building a sustainable online business together!

Having been online for over a decade, Ponn shares that the Internet is completely different nowadays; more importantly, it’s A LOT more fun!

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