3 Years 4 Month 30 Days Later – Still Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

This is My Year of Motivation! And, in 3-short weeks SO much has happened!

My girls and I relaunched and launched now 4 websites:

  • Kid Bloggers Club – Helping Kids Make Money Online Through Blogging
  • STEMologist – Kids Helping Kids Love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) since 2010
  • Sabra Sisters – Keeping My Girls’ Fire Lit! A Hub For All Their Online Businesses
  • Empower Women Now – Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To Action! My very first blog, still jammed-pack with pillar posts that continue to generate traffic after all these years of silence: 3 Years 4 Months and 30 Days!

Every site has its own vision, specific target market, and different voice. While there is some overlap, my girls and I need some massive Motivation or Empowerment to continue to blog our way through all our desired milestones for 2013.

One thing for sure is this: while running what continues to be the #1 ranked online community and blog network for Muslim Moms in the world--I truly miss the camaraderie of my solo women entrepreneurs or female solopreneurs…many mompreneurs; but all the professionalism of the business-to-business or entreprneur-to-entrepreneur blogging community.

So, just like my About Page states, which was updated over 3 years ago

The original blog Ponn Sabra used to launch her amazon.com best-seller, “Empowering Women to Power Network” in 2005. Now, Ponn uses this to share her random rambles and recommendations regarding Internet Branding, SEO, Online Publicity, and Social Media.

Interestingly, the “Now”, never occurred, until Right-Now!

I tried blogging all the things about SEO, Online Publicity and Social Media at American Muslim Mom, but those are the skills, and techniques, I used to grow the brand, but didn’t necessarily speak to my readers.

So, again…Now, Must be NOW.

I do not guarantee I will blog often or regularly…after all, I have TONS of cleaning up to do here…there’s 31,660 comments (99% hopefully all spam) to approve or delete, etc. but at least I have my digital space for me to share whatever it is I feel empowering to me as an online women entrepreneur in hopes of parting some wisdom to you in the process.

At the very least, we’re on Genesis Theme, just like all my other sites, got rid of that ugly landing page (no screenshots necessary), and got my web host happy because things were massively outdated. Now, to going through necessary plugins, first off: Askimet for spam! I digress….

Anyways, if you’re keeping count, I’m contributing, managing or editing all the blogs above + American Muslim Mom has two additional channels: Homeschooling & our Foundation.

The girls and I will be contributing, as time allows, to following sites as well:

  • MomsLA – Yes, I’m a SoCal chick now. Lovin’ the West Coast by the way–NOTHING like the NorthEast at all!
  • MOMentumNation – Where I am an Advisory Board Member
  • Productive Muslim – Sharing my mom hacking tips and tricks

Oh, and God willing, if all goes well, we’ll be launching yet another blog this coming week!

I REALLY need some Motivation, don’t you think!?

Well, while this may look completely overwhelming…but, in reality, all of this was done to simplify my girls and my life, our homeschooling curriculum, their extra curricular activities, interests and desires…and streamline all that we do.

With clear vision and purpose, we’ve set systems in place to make our efforts profitable. So, I have NO doubt that our goals will be done, since my girls God bless then, are just like me: over-achievers with clear goals.

The cool thing is that we’re going to give everything our best shot, and analyze our output very critically, then wean out unproductive, unprofitable tasks. This is why I need to keep a separate blog to read through my experiences and reflect on my progress or lack of…so, undoubtedly I’m entering an exciting journey…and this blog is resurrected to see who else is willing and interested in taking that journey with me!


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